San Antonio de Padua Parish in Nasugbu, Batangas

After visiting the Saint Francis Xavier Parish in Nasugbu, we went to another church located in Barangay Kaylaway. The newly built parish cover six barangays in Nasugbu including the Barangay Banilad that covers a large portion of the Galo River (Check: The Galo River of Nasugbu), Brgy. Aga, Tumalim, Mataas na Pulo, Kayrilaw, and Kaylaway. This beautiful parish is dedicated under the patronage of San Antonio de Padua.

Compared to other churches in the province of Batangas, this church is relatively new. In fact, it was founded last February 2, 2017 and the story behind its fast completion is what makes this parish even more special. The majority of the constructions took place during the heights of the pandemic. Thanks to the donations from the locals and sponsors, the church is now almost complete and has become one of the in-demand wedding venues in Batangas.


San Antonio de Padua Parish in Nasugbu welcomes visitors to a very serene atmosphere. It comes with a very spacious landscape that quickly reminds of the San Antonio de Padua Parish in Silang, Cavite.

The Las Manos de San Antonio de Padua.


Be My Hands Build My Church Donation Campaign

In line with the parish effort to gather enough funds for the church’s ongoing construction, they launched the so-called “Be My Hands, Build My Church” campaign. Anyone who pledges donation will get a concrete mold of their hands. These molds are displayed in the Las Manos De San Antonio wall outside the church.


The belfry of San Antonio de Padua Parish

The church comes with a simple yet beautiful red brick facade with a huge porch in the entrance.


A cross on top of the pediment

The facade is also decorated with stained glass windows with images depicting various saints.


Bas relief of San Antonio de Padua

The pediment comes with a circular bas relief of San Antonio de Padua holding baby Jesus.

A Holy Water font

Near the main entrance, you will spot a pair of holy water fonts that are in the form of angels.


Stunning Interior

The interior of the church is equally stunning.


The main altar

It features two-layer retablo.

Crucified Christ


Saint Francis Xavier


Saint Joseph

The upper layer features three niches enshrining the image of the Crucified Christ in the center and the images of Saint Joseph and Saint Francis Xavier (the patron saint of Nasugbu) on each side.


San Antonio de Padua


Virgin Mary

The lower layers features the Tabernacle of the Blessed Sacrament on the center and the images of San Antonio de Padua and Mary on each side. You can also spot the images of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary in the sanctuary.

San Isidro Labrador

There is also an image of San Isidro Labrador in one of its sanctuaries.


The stunning ceiling of San Antonio de Padua Parish

The ceiling of the altar features a beautiful night sky. The reason behind this design is San Antonio De Padua’s devotion to Stella Maris (Mary, Star of the Sea)


Stella Maris

You can also spot a beautiful image of Stella Maris near the main entrance.

An adoration chapel is currently under construction. It is indeed a lovely church and it is not really surprising why this place quickly became one of the top wedding venues in Batangas.

After visiting this parish, we concluded our trip by visiting the Calaruega Eco Park. I will post more about this in my next entry.

In the meantime, feel free to check all the other churches in Batangas that I already blogged about.

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