A Trip To Baguio : Cordillera World

P2284045TOWhile exploring Mines View Park and keeping myself busy buying some pasalubong, i saw a group of people encouraging others to visit their museum and it is for Free. The museum known as the Cordillera World is just located behind that famous Mines View Park 3d stand and just beside the Mines View Park Tourism Office. Since I still have bunch of time, i decided to give it a visit!
P2284046TThe Cordillera World will showcase Igorot Made Products (and most of them are for sale too)P2284066TCordillera World Museum is located on the second floor of the building and I really love what they did with these Roof-like branches.P2284047TThe first thing as you noticed are these words carved in each step. Upon doing my own researched I found out that these words “Makayo Hito, Kalajo, Umali Kayo, Kalay-yo and Umay Kayo” are five different local dialects which means “Welcome”.P2284048TThe entrance is indeed free. I was asked to signed their log book before taking photos and there is also a portion there that will ask you to offer some donations! You will be amazed on how detailed the items are. P2284058TThey showcase random items from figurines to kitchen wares. P2284059TCarabao-inspired wall decorsP2284061TI’m not sure about this. All i know is that this decor is about 2 ft high depicting a man holding some kind of bowl. This must be some sort of an outdoor decor.P2284062TThere is a huge bowl inside where you can throw coins and make a wish.P2284064TAnother huge figurine but this time with an Igorot costumeP2284065TP2284051Another set of figurines and statuesP2284052Barrel man figurines and Wooden penis Ashtray. I don’t know what is the cultural significance of these figurines depicting men’s genitals but this is a common sight in Baguio souvenir shops. P2284053tMore hanging decors hereP2284054An interesting mix of culture hereP2284055P2284056Exploring the Cordillera World Museum is really a nice experience for me. This place will allow you to know more about the products and handicrafts of the people from the provinces of Abra, Apayao, Benguet, Ifugao, Kalinga, and Mt. Province and even the Chartered City of Baguio. Cordillera World by the way is a project initiated by Mr Roland Cayat not just to showcase the rich heritage of the original settlers of the mountainous region of northern Luzon but also to help the out-of-school youths to go back to school or to finance and support their young families. This is through the voluntary donations given by those who visit the Museum! So basically, this is not just a quick trip but also a visit for a cause!

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17 thoughts on “A Trip To Baguio : Cordillera World”

  1. Neri Ann says:

    I am really amazed by our old crafts made by our fellow Igorots. It looks intricate and very well crafted.

  2. ROBERT LEE says:

    When it comes to carvings and men’s genitals, where else but in Baguio. For as long as I can remember, that is like a trademark there. 🙂

  3. Sam says:

    Amazing crafts they look amazing in the photos no doubt 100x better in real life.

    Did you get to see them creating them or is it just a museum of them?

  4. Riley says:

    I love your posts, Your images are always beautiful and your information so insightful. I can’t wait to travel the world more! Your posts inspire that

  5. charu says:

    Wow if I was a this place I would have gone made shopping for my terrace, garden and of course as birthday giveaways. Very creative and culture rich place and for a cause. Wow

  6. alison says:

    This place is great! You were smart to use your extra time to go and explore what these crafts. I love how the purpose is to give back to school youths and help other families. It makes the experience so much better when you know you are helping a good cause while getting some enjoyment!

  7. Ivan says:

    Igorot craftsmanship at its finest. Baguio is indeed a haven for artists. Beautiful travel photos, too! Makes me want to go back to Baguio/Mountain Province — I have only been there once.

  8. Klaudia says:

    Hi bluedreamer , I am back 🙂 Just can’t get enough of your amazing posts ! I so love your photos , thanks again for sharing . Amazing crafts , I am mad about these colourful places and surroundings . I will be back , for sure ! Great job !

  9. Do you have any idea when was this open? I should know this place.. It looks so awesome since i love sculpture. Thanks for sharing I have new place to visit when I go back to Baguio 🙂

  10. Roy Miller says:

    There is some very nice and interesting art shown here. it is also a very colorful place.

  11. I love all your posts especially how awesome all the photos! I really miss Baguio!! I want to go there again soon!!

  12. sabine says:

    Such an ancient feeling I get from this museum. It’s such a different world out there than where I live. It’s super to see these kind of cultural impressions. I love the idea of throwing a coin inside, did you make a wish? http://www.sofarsosabine.com

  13. Ann Balisbis says:

    Everyone is eyeing Baguio as destination this summer that’s why I’m putting aside my plans to go here and just push it for the “Ber” months. This one’s a handy guide if ever I would drop by the Cordillera World. 🙂

  14. I’m really amazed with the Barrel Man. We have one at home. Also from Baguio. I also love the penis ashtray. I honestly think its artistic. Compared to the vandalisms of penises all over the streets of Manila. Hahaha! Cordillera World Museum really looks like a great place to visit. =)

  15. Kylie says:

    What a lovely post and experience! I love the detail in your photographs and how you explain what each image is with relevant and interesting information!
    (5 local dialects? WOW!) Keep up the incredible work!

  16. Pete Zafra says:

    I visited Mines View Park before in 2009. However I had no idea there was a museum. Would have been nice if I checked it out.

    Well, now I know. lol Next time I visit the Philippines…Baguio to be specific, I will definitely check out Cordillera World. I’m very intrigued when it comes to culture and history.

    Great post. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Bluedreamer says:

      The Cordillera Museum was establish last 2011 or 2012 i think .. so maybe you can drop by here on your next visit..

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