Essential Tips for First Timers to Bohol

There is indeed something special about Bohol and many tourists who visit the fantastic island time once, keep coming back for several years. Bohol is indeed one of the most picturesque provinces that boast of endless attractions. Look for flights to Bohol online booking to enjoy this captivating destination, as there is so much to do and see here.

If you’re visiting Bohol for the first time, well, you are just on the right page to get useful information about this interesting and diverse destination.
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Essential tips and information

  • Bohol is a tropical island located in the Philippines and is the most popular after Boracay in the Philippines, because of the excellent diving opportunities.
  • It is the 10th largest Island located in the Visayas, and Tagbilaran City is its capital. It enjoys a cool, tropical climate as it is shielded from tropical cyclones of the surrounding island provinces.
  • Most tourists hunt for Jetstar airline flight tickets that offer cheap and affordable flights to Bohol. After all, flights to tropical Island can be expensive.
  • Boholanos or the locals of Bohol speak the Boholano dialect. However, English is also spoken and understood well by the locals.
  • You can get the currency exchanged at some hotels or around Alona Beach. Nevertheless, one can certainly get better rates in Tagbilaran.
  • Make use of a variety of transportation methods in Bohol to explore the Island. A tricycle is a good option while you can also get on a bus or jeepney to tour the Island.
  • There are a vast number of restaurants and eateries here where you can enjoy local food and delicacies. The must-try Filipino foods include Tapsilog, Chicken Inasal, Pork Sisig, Pancit Bihon Guisado, Crispy Pata, Chicharon Bulaklak, and more.
  • The province boasts of an abundance of accommodations, and one can pick from budget hotels and inns to expensive boutique resorts as per their budget and preferences.
  • It is a good idea to invest in travel insurance if planning diving or snorkeling in Bohol. Look for worldwide coverage and special insurance for scuba divers.
  • March to June is the best time for those who want to see Dolphins, while on a trip to Bohol.
  • Charter a boat for the day to visit the nearby Islands and explore the best beaches and diving spots.

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The major attractions in Bohol

As a first-timer, it would help if you are aware of the famous touristic spots to explore while in Bohol. After all, Bohol is home to beautiful nature and colorful festivals.

  • Explore the Chocolate Hills that are situated in the town of Carmen. You will love its natural wonders and panoramic views.
  • Enter the beautiful underwater world of Bohol, and your trip would indeed remain incomplete if you have not enjoyed snorkeling or diving.
  • Cruise along the Loboc River for a soothing and relaxing trip. Enjoy those incredible sceneries around you as well as the authentic local food.
  • Make a trip to Bohol Museum located in Tagbilaran City, to understand the past in the province.
  • Explore the man-made Mahogany forest in the town of Bilar and enjoy the cool, dark area that offers you plenty of opportunities for photos.
  • Hinagdanan Cave in Dauis is another site of attraction for the tourists and one of the most popular ones. You will get amazed by the rock formations and the underground lake features within the cave.
  • Many tourists slove to go to Balicasag Island not just for snorkeling but dolphin watching and island hopping too!
  • Paddleboard on the Loboc River, and nothing could be better than paddleboarding in the afternoon to beat the heat.

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