The San Sebastian Cathedral Of Lipa, Batangas

P7260863eAfter visiting the St Therese and The Child Of Jesus Parish, we headed to one of the most stunning historical landmarks of Lipa Batangas, the San Sebastian Cathedral. It’s probably one of the most stunning churches I have visited. San Sebastian Church is a Roman Catholic church that was initially administered by the Augustinians in 1605 until the end of the 18th Century. The church was formerly located on the shore of Taal Lake and was destroyed when Taal Volcano erupted in 1754. The volcanic eruption covered much of Batangas and Cavite with ash and lava. Reconstruction of the church on the present site began in 1732 and ended in 1790. P7260861tThe church’s wonderful facade. A portion of it is currently being renovated. San Sebastian Cathedral is constructed from rough-hewn, rectangular stone and has a six-storey octagonal bell tower which rests on a rectangular base and tapers gradually to the cupola on top
P7260864tA historical marker outside the San Sebastian Cathedral. According to some sites, the church suffered massive damages during the Second World War and underwent intensive renovation afterwards. P7260866tThe church is notable for its immensely beautiful carvings and paintings. The ceiling of the church was mind blowing!
P7260868tThe stunning and wonderfully decorated ceiling of the church. The ceiling was constituted of artistically painted wooden paneling in lieu of an arch to which were attached supports and strong beams crisscrossing the walls. P7260870tWall paintings depicting the apostles of Jesus.
P7260875tA spiral staircase possibly leading to the church’s belfry. P7260876tSome pillars inside the church displays pictures depicting the 14 station of the cross.
P7260881tThe church’s flooring. P7260882tOn the left corridor of the church lies an overwhelming amount of old statues depicting different images of saints. P7260886tOur Lady of miraculous medal. P7260887t
P7260888tWhat really stuns me the most is the church’s dome. Jaw dropping! P7260890t
P7260893tP7260894tUnfortunately, I can’t have a full view of the main altar because of the ongoing wedding that day.
P7260889tP7260898tThe Paschal Mystery on the church right corridor
P7260901tMater Dolorosa P7260899tThe attracting grand baroque designed pipe organ which is the only one in Batangas Province and one of only 59 units in the Philippines. It was really a rewarding experience visiting this stunning church!

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9 thoughts on “The San Sebastian Cathedral Of Lipa, Batangas”

  1. Twilight Man says:

    I fully agree that this San Sebastián Cathedral has very beautiful ceilings. The ancient craftsmen were so detailed and good.
    I am in Makati right now and visited the Manila Cathedral yesterday after Fort Santiago. Pretty interesting places.

  2. [SK] says:

    indeed a very beautiful church it is.. it has a very special outer architecture, especially the first photo, it doesn’t look quite like a church from that angle, haha.. anyway, i guess i am also stunned like you when i saw the interior of the church, fabulously impressive and yes, i would also give thumbs up to the dome, just awesome!! so beautifully created and it makes the church looks so grand.. and of course, nice shots you have taken!! 🙂

  3. Merryn says:

    Wow! The ceiling is seriously beautiful. I’m amazed. I think I can sit there for hours just staring at them.

  4. rochkirstin says:

    The dome of the church looks wonderful and amazing. The art inscribed was well done and the colors looked vivid. I bet many couples consider this church as a venue for their wedding.

  5. Franc Ramon says:

    The San Sebastian Cathedral of Lipa Batangas is really beautiful both exterior and interior. Batangas is luck to have a lot of nice churches.

  6. Janine says:

    I’m totally amused with structures being restored. Restoration is the only gate we have to cherish the past.

  7. emiliana says:

    There are a few churches left with pipe organs in the country. I’d love to see San Sebastian Cathedral soon.

  8. Melissa says:

    Wow. This Cathedral is too beautiful. I’m surprised we still have something like this in the Philippines. Especially since you mentioned that it went under renovation pa. Whew. I’m really tempted to go to Batangas and see it for myself. It’s that beautiful. *___*

  9. Eduardo Catigbac says:

    The lipa Chatedral main altar was adorned with intricately carved silver retablos but was striped off by burglars connected to filthy rich patrons of antiques . Now , we only have few silver retablos attached to the main altar . Ka David an old male caretaker of the church during the time of Msgr. Olallia of lipa have devotedly kept the vintage ornaments of the church . But because of connivance and recklessness within the church institutions the church artifacts have dwindled in numbers . I supposed , even the century old image of San Sebastian have been replaced by a replica.

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