The Mongpong Island of Marinduque: Habal-Habal Tour and Night Activities

The province of Marinduque is probably more popularly known for its Maniwaya Island, particularly the majestic Palad Sandbar. The province is also known for its popular Moriones Festival which is celebrated during the Holy Week. Interestingly, Marinduque is also dubbed as the “Heart of the Philippines“. Not just because the island itself is literally shaped like a human heart but the location of the island is similar to the anatomy of where the heart is in the human body.

The I Love Mongpong Sign

There is, however, another island in Marinduque, not too far from Maniwaya, that is starting to gain buzz. With its powdery white sand and striking rock formation, Mongpong Island has become one of the top destinations in Marinduque today.  Mongpong, not to be confused with Mogpog, is a small island located at the northeast part of Marindique. While Maniwaya Island is truly a top tourist destination in Marinduque, Mongpong Island is special on its own. For instance, the island features some unique rock formations including the one called Ungab.


My friends and I went to Mongpong for a 2days-1night tour which already enabled us to explore the entire vicinity of the island through “island hopping” and habal-habal tour. We were picked up from Cavite on Friday night and we were able to reach Catanauan, Quezon province Saturday morning at around 5 am. From here, we had a 45 minute boat ride going to Mongpong Island. The first thing that will greet you upon arriving the island is the El Marinduqueño’s Island Resort. Unlike other islands that I have visited so far like the Calaguas Island in Camarines Norte or the Sombrero Island in Masbate, Mongpong is more commercialized. In fact, in 2019, around 400 households of the island receives 24/7 power supply via Diesel power plant.


The El Marinduqueños Island Resort.

The island offers well-furnished accommodations, a bunch of sari-sari stores, a public school, a marketplace, and more. There are cottages available, a pool area, a bunch of comfort rooms, and areas where you can pitch tents. Since we are already part of a packaged tour, all the entrance fees in the island is already shouldered by our organizers. However, if you are planning to visit the island via DIY tour, keep in mind that there is a minimal entrance fee of Php 50 in the resort. You can pitch your own tent for Php150 or better yet try their cottages and rooms ranging from Php600 to Php4000/night. If you are planning to visit the island, make sure to book your accommodation first by messaging them directly to their official page (El Marinduqueños Island Resort)


Tents and cottages.


The powdered sand shore of Mongpong

Upon arriving in Mongpong, you will be greeted by a large cafeteria-like hall where you can buy foods, drinks, and souvenirs. It also acts as an event area which gives you access to their sound system and videoke machine. You also have access to their man-made pool.

A free-to-access pool area. The pool, however, is using a salt water


Moriones Statue

Mongpong beach features a mixture of coarse and powdery white sand. They also offer some beach activities like Banana boat and kayak.

cottages and pool lounge chairs

Since we are scheduled to visit the Ungab Rock Formation the next day, we took advantage of our time and availed a Habal-habal tour. Using the habal habal (motorcycle), the driver (guide) will tour you around some unspoiled spots in Mongpong. A habal-habal can only accommodate one guess per ride and it will cost Php250 per tour.

During our tour, the driver took us to three notable locations in the island – the Pier, the Siargao Vibe, and the Hidden Paradise.


The Pier

The first destination is the pier. Although there is really nothing much to do in this area, you can get a beautiful panoramic view of the island. You can also grab the opportunity to take a nice Instagram-worthy picture in that little shed at the end of the pier.

The Mongpong White Beach as viewed from the pier


Enjoy the panoramic view of the island

“Siargao Vibe”

Our second destination is what the locals described as “Siargao Vibe“. This is in reference of Siargao’s famous Palm Tree road. Another picturesque spot in Mongpong.

“The Hidden Paradise”

We concluded our Habal-habal tour in the so-called Hidden Paradise. It is indeed a paradise and unlike the shoreline in front of El Mrinduqueño’s Island Resort, this one is not easily accessible. We were told that it is more ideal to visit this place in the afternoon as you can get a magnificent view of the sunset.
Despite the rocky shore, you’ll definitely enjoy the crystal clear water in this area.
The less crowd, the better!

A hidden paradise indeed!

The Habal-habal
Enjoying the sunset in Mongpong

“Nightlife in Mongpong”

Before the night ends, we had the opportunity to witness a fire dance which happens to be a regular activity in the island.
What a great way to end our first day in Mongpong

How much is our Tour costs?

The 2d1N Marinduque tour offered by Backpackers Route is worth Php2999 per head. These include the van and boat transfers, 3 sets of meals, tent, access to swimming pool, toll and parking fees. Here’s the breakdowns of expenses for our Marinduque escapade. I’m excluding personal expenses like pasalubong and extra drinks.

Marinduque Package Tour Php 2,999
Habal-Habal Tour Php 250
Ungab Rock Formation Eco Fee Php 50
Eco Fee Php100
Girasoles Farm Entrance Php 100
Total: Php 3499*

(*)This excludes our first breakfast which we had in Quezon and various personal expenses. Prices and fees are also subject to change without prior notice.

(**) This tour is also NOT SPONSORED by Backpackers Route and all the aforementioned fees are shouldered by me

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