5 Tips To Consider Before Taking A Helicopter Tour

One of the best offerings of a helicopter tour is that people have the opportunity to experience the thrill of their lifetime. While most people approach the helicopter with a feeling of excitement, some may have last-minute jitters or have a few questions up their sleeves. Here is everything that you should know to prepare for your very first helicopter tour.

Choosing The Right Helicopter

When you book your first air tour, ensure that you ask about which way the seats are facing. A helicopter with all seats facing forward can offer you the best view, and it makes it easier to have a look at all the noteworthy sights with everyone else joining the tour. A forward-facing seat can assist passengers in the group that may have issues with motion sickness so that they can also relax and enjoy the ride.

Dressing Appropriately For The Tour

Safety must always be the predominant factor when selecting an outfit for the tour. You must dress in such a way that you look presentable for the pre-flight photo but also safe and comfortable for the ride. It is not recommended to take with scarves, hats, or any other accessories that can be blown away. Its best left in the car or your storage locker. Remember to wear close-toed, flat shoes, and long hair must be pulled back to prevent tangles.

Understanding The Seating Preparations

When people book Hunter Valley helicopter rides, it is natural that everyone would like the best seat and possibly sitting next to friends or their significant others. However, a helicopter must be loaded correctly since this is an essential requirement for balance. When the passenger board, they are shown where to sit for the appropriate balance and weight of the helicopter. If you can’t sit next to your partner, you’ll still be capable of communicating with them and enjoying the on-air experience as a couple.

Getting The Ideal Shot

You are permitted to take your camera on board the helicopter tours, and people are encouraged to take photos of historical landmarks. To prevent glare on the windows, try dressing in darker colors as lighter garments can reflect off the glass. Also, consider planning the trip for the best time during the day to take pictures. The mid-morning or early afternoon is sometimes the best times since the morning fog will have dissipated and the sun is not emitting its strongest rays.

Relaxing And Enjoying The Experience

From the moment you’ll be arriving for the helicopter tour, everything is planned to ensure that you’ll be having a hassle-free experience. Before the ride, you’ll be watching a safety video or be shown how to approach the helicopter correctly. You’ll be then taken to your seat, and the crew will ensure you are secure prior to taking off. The highly trained staff is there to guide you through the experience. That’s why you can sit back, relax, and make the most of the experience.

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