Luz De Filipinas : Soledad Lenten Exhibit 2016


San Roque Parish Church led by the Cofradia de la Virgen de la Soledad de Porta Vaga held the very first Lenten exhibit dedicated to the venerated image of Our Lady of Solitude. Luz De Filipinas is a 40-day exhibit showcasing various images depicting the image of Our Lady of Solitude including the Our Lady of Porta Vaga which is enshrined in the said parish20160211_114137t

The Soledad Lenten Exhibit kicked off yesterday (February 10) and will be open for public viewing until March 20. Our Lady of Solitude or Nuestra Señora de la Soledad is a title of the Blessed Virgin Mary during her life’s most desolate. This is the time between Jesus’ horrible death on Good Friday and His glorious resurrection on Easter Sunday. There are overwhelming amount of Our Lady of Solitude images showcased in Luz De Filipinas. Allow me to give you a quick tour. Simply click the numbers below to view the rest of the images

P2113253tLa Virgen Dela Soledad de las Islas Filipinas (camarero / under custody of Rev Fr Erick Orculo)

20160211_103733tLa Virgen dela Soledad (Camarero : Lorna Santiago Rivera)

P2113276tLa Virgen Dela Soledad (Camarero : Ferdinand Nocon Montano)

P2113280tSanta Maria Dela Soledad (Camarero: Tereso Garcia)

P2113282tLa Virgen Dela Soledad (Ystilo Lavantina)

20160211_104247tLa Virgen Dela Soledad De Mena (camarero : Ricoy Cruz)

P2113287tLa Virgen Dela Soledad del Santo Rostro (camarero : Ricky Primero)

20160211_104542tLa Virgen Dela Soledad De Malagasang (camarero: Zandro Ilano)

20160211_104654tLa Virgen dela Soledad

20160211_105030t20160211_105043tLa Virgen dela Soledad (camarero : Judge Joy Matias Garcia III and Irene Garcia)

20160211_105142tLa Virgen Dela Soledad (Camarero : Dina Santiago)

P2113299t20160211_105253tLa Virgen Dela Soledad De Nueva Ecija (Camarero: Jonnel Ryan Icayan Enriquez)

20160211_105647tLa Virgen Dela Soledad

20160211_105705t20160211_105705tLa Virgen dela Soledad (Camarero : Victor Ebuen)

20160211_105812tLa Virgen dela Soledad De Tulo (camarero : Glecy Samolde and John Michael Gonzales)

20160211_110119tLa Virgen Dela Soledad (Camarero: Jameer Olimpo)

20160211_110130tLa Virgen dela Soledad dela Bruna

20160211_110203t20160211_110216tLa Virgen dela Soledad

20160211_110311tLa Virgen Dela Soledad (Camarero : Aaron Daluraya)

20160211_110403tLa Virgen dela Soledad (Camarero: Cedrick James Mendoza)

20160211_110522tLa Virgen Dela Soledad De Granada (Camarero : Michael Riego)

20160211_110703tLa Virgen Dela Soledad De Porta Vaga

P2113317tLa Virgen dela Soledad

20160211_111057tLa Virgen Dela Soledad de Pacion De Cristo

20160211_111305t20160211_111330tLa Dolorosisima Virgen dela Soledad De Porta Vaga

20160211_111410tNuestra Señora dela Soledad De Camba Manila

20160211_111527tLa Virgen dela Soledad (Camarero:Jethro Elca)

20160211_111605tLa Virgen Dela Soledad De Trapani (camarero: Wilson Arguson)

20160211_111945t20160211_111956t20160211_112017t20160211_112022tLa Virgen dela Soledad (Camarero: Zandro Hererra Ilano)

20160211_112121tLa Virgen Dela Soledad De Oropesa (Camarero: Charlie Padua Cabatan)

20160211_112242tLa Virgen dela Soledad De Malate (camarero: Nolie Hans)

20160211_112341tLa Virgen Dela Soledad (Camarero: Tess Salud)

20160211_112416tLa Virgen Dela Soledad

20160211_112630tSagrada Corazon De Jesus (Camarero: Renz Barbon)

20160211_112659tLa Virgen dela Soledad (Camarero: Marvin Arnaldo)

20160211_112750tLa Dolorosisima Virgen dela Soledad de Cañacao

20160211_112854tLa Virgen dela Soledad

20160211_113105t20160211_112943tLa Virgen Dela Soledad De Pontera (Camarero: Marlon Legaspi)

20160211_113147tLa Virgen Dela Soledad (Camarero: Charlie Cabatan)

20160211_113235tLa Virgen Dela Soledad De Malabon (Camarero: Franz Pulido)

20160211_113310tLa Virgen Dela Soledad De Bacoor (Camarero : Macavinta-San Jose Family)

20160211_113435tLa Virgen Dela Soledad (Camarero: Carlo Magno)

20160211_113502t20160211_113515tLa Virgen Dela Soledad (Ej Tiglao)

20160211_113523t20160211_113529t20160211_113535tLe Virgen Dela Soledad (Camarero : John Gideon Papa)

20160211_113604tLa Virgen Dela Soledad (Camarero : Grace Viray)

20160211_113614tLa Virgen Dela Soledad (Camarero: Elvie Dela Torre)

20160211_113628tLa Virgen Dela Soledad (Camarero : Arvin Oracion)

20160211_113753tLa Virgen dela Soledad (Camarero : Christopher Calimbahin)

20160211_113842t20160211_113900tLa Virgen Dela Soledad de Oaxaca (Camarero ” Dhei Victa)

20160211_113917tNuestra Señora Dolorosisima Dela Soledad De California

20160211_113938tLa Virgen Dela Soledad De Pamplona (Camarero: Daryl Santiago)

20160211_114020tLa Virgen Dela Soledad De Siete Dolores (Camarero :Daryl Santiago)

20160211_114107tSanta Virgen Dela Soledad (Camarero : Ferdinand Nocon Montano)

P2113273tLa Virgen Dela Soledad

P2113301tLa Virgen Dela Soledad De Brazil

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  • February 13, 2016 at 10:44 am

    I would like to visit the San Roque Parish Church in Cavite City very soon because of this Lenten Exhibit 🙂


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