A Trip To Binondo : Cafe Mezzanine

P2072996ttt After a long an tiring walk from Camba St to Ongpin, we decided to have our breakfast at Cafe Mezzanine. It is located on the second floor of an old building at the corner of Ongpin and Yunchengko st. We actually saw the sign and went directly to the ground floor without knowing that it is a different restaurant (Chuan Kee to be specific).
P2072995tWe realized that we are on a wrong place after seeing the menu. Chuan Kee is actually included on my first itinerary because I really want to try their Halo-Halo but i had to remove it from my list because our time is limited and we have so many places to go. Anyway, a crew from Chuan Kee was kind enough to tell us the way towards the Cafe Mezzanine.P2072985t(one of the most famous streets in Binondo)
P2072997tThe Cafe Mezzanine is situated on the upper floor of the building and before you enter their Air-conditioned room, you will be welcomed by these trophies! The restaurant is also known as the Volunteer Fireman’s Coffee Shop not because they are being run by firemen but because all the revenues from this shop will be donated to Binondo Paco Fire Search and Rescue Brigade. So being here is like you are dining in for a cause!20160207_092736TThe shop’s interior. Simple and neat! 20160207_094919TThey also got Firemen’s helmet and other memorabilla on display. One of the most interesting highlights of Cafe Mezzanine!20160207_092114TWe went there around 7:30 and they are only offering their breakfast menu. I actually want to order their Soup No 5 but not yet available 20160207_092133THere are the menu. You can check their Menu here20160207_093043TSo we settled with Xiao Long Bao, Kiampong and our selected beverages. 20160207_092446TMezza Blend (Php80)20160207_092650TPineapple Juice20160207_093118TXiao Long Bao20160207_093124TKiampong, a Chinese fried rice with bits of pork, chives, and nuts. Very flavorful20160207_093926TOkay that’s my first attempt to use chopsticks! 20160207_095011TI also learned that the person who owned the shop is the same person who owned the Eng Bee Tin and Mr Ube.20160207_092054tIt was one satisfying breakfast to start our day. My mom got a text from my Auntie telling us that she is also on her way to Binondo so we all went back to the Plaza and wait for her before heading to the Seng Guan Temple

Next Stop : Seng Guan Temple

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14 thoughts on “A Trip To Binondo : Cafe Mezzanine”

  1. Paolo Ruel says:

    Thank you for sharing this i will look forward to dine Cafe Mezzanine in my future travel in Binondo.

  2. Aika Loraine says:

    the cafe has a nice concept and the owners all have a big heart. there are also nice stuff that highlights the place. i enjoy reading your blog posts. been seeing a lot lately. continue posting!

  3. Wow!! Thank you for sharing this!! Will go to this place very soon!!

  4. lee rosales says:

    I have never been to this café and it seems I haven’t seen this either. I always go to Manosa though

  5. Nicole P says:

    The dumplings look pretty delish. I am now wondering how their pancit canton tastes. 🙂

  6. Jessica says:

    Yumm trip! I am craving for some chinese and perfect coffee; migh as well try this place. 🙂

  7. jared's mum says:

    I miss going to Binondo, visiting during their Chinese New Year celebration sure is one great experience. I hope i can go back soon + try out this very interesting cafe.

  8. TweenselMom says:

    Great to know they give funds to the volunteer firefighters!

  9. Mark says:

    This looks like a great place. I’m just a huge fan of dimsum food especially siomai. 🙂

  10. retlyn says:

    Hope to visit this place soon. The foods looks so yummy esp. the siomai and kiampong, it makes me hungry haha

  11. I’m impressed that they are donating their revenues to the Binondo Fire Brigade. The owner has such a good heart. Will try them once we visit Binondo in the future. Thanks for sharing!

    Mhaan | http://Www.mommyrockininstyle.com

  12. Cess says:

    The food looks so inviting! I love eating and trying out new restaurants. I hope they have a nearer branch in my city. Hehe

  13. Nurse Alpha says:

    I can see you really enjoyed your stay in Cafe Mezzanine. If ever I would pay a visit, I will surely try this restaurant.

  14. Rey says:

    I love how charitable this cafe is! Would definitely give them a visit if i happen to be in the region. Businesses that do charity is a rare combination. Kudos to Mezzanine!


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