[Events] Pasion Y Gloria Exhibit in Manila Cathedral

Manila Cathedral (Minor Basilica of the Immaculate Conception) is currently hosting an ecclesiastical exhibit known as the Pasion Y Gloria. The exhibit will showcase different Filipino Religious images that are usually used during Lent or the so-called cuaresma (forty days of Lent, fasting, reflecting, and penitence) . These images include antique pieces from family collections which date back from as early as the 17th century, as well as newly crafted images by talented Filipino artists.
IMG_1530tThe exhibit started since March 19 and will conclude this coming April 2 so you still have enough time to visit the Cathedral and witness these wonderful images.
IMG_1390tThe exhibit covers three chapels of the Cathedral but I was only able to visit one 🙁IMG_1393t
IMG_1412tThe first chapel welcomes you with some of the religious artworks made by a well known sculptor Isabelo Tampico. We have seen most of his works on display at National Museum (Check : Things You Should Not Miss When Visiting National Museum)IMG_1398tAnother Tampico’s masterpiece entitled “Ecce Homo” a Jesus sculpture made from Cold cast Carrara Marble and is made since the late 19th century.IMG_1408tNuestra Señora Delos Dolores De Turumba on Oil Canvas. The image belongs to John Felix-Santos CollectionIMG_1419tMater Dolorosa Ora Pro NobisIMG_1421tAnother antique Marian image on displayIMG_1430tSeñor Dela Pacencia , a 17th century old sclupture depicting the image of Jesus seating after being scourged at the pillar.IMG_1437tLa FlagelacionIMG_1450tScourging
IMG_1451tAnother Señor Dela PacenciaIMG_1469tSan Pedro Apostol (Saint Peter)

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