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We left the Wright Park around 2 pm and we headed to our next destination, the Mines View Park. They allotted us an hour to explore the place. Mines View was part of my itinerary last year (Check : A Trip to Baguio : Mines View Park) and I’m so glad that I was able to bring my mom here so she can embrace the marvelous and scenic view of the place. In addition to that, this is also the place where we bought our pasalubong (she was really aiming to buy that famous Walis ng Baguio [Check : Things To Buy When Visiting Baguio] )
20161218_140433tMines View Park is an overlook park on the northeastern outskirts of Baguio. As what the name suggests, you are actually viewing a mining town of Itogon of Benguet but the portion that you can view from the observation deck is an abandoned gold and copper mines of the Benguet Corporation. Much like any attractions in Baguio city, there are many things you can do when visiting the Mines View Park and allow me to list them down.


The Panoramic View of Mines View Park As Viewed From the Overview Deck


20161218_140713t“Marveling The Picturesque Scenery from the Observation Deck”
If Wright Park has “Pool of Pines” and Botanical Garden has the Igorot Village, Mines View Park is known for its observation deck which allows you to get the marvelous scenery of the mines. The observation deck is situated below a winding stone-covered stairway close to the parking area. The place often gets crowded though but you are lucky enough if you managed to get a space to grab some photos with the stunning Mines View behind you. Take note that there is NO entrance fee to Mines View Park.

“Wear Igorot Costume And Grab A Photo With Horses”
If you failed to catch photos with horses in the Wright Park or wear those Igorot Costumes from Botanical Garden, you can actually do them both here in Mines View Park. There is an area in the Park (just few steps from the overview deck) that allows you to rent Igorot Costumes for Php20. You can even bring those costumes to the Overview deck to make your picture a lot more memorable or better yet, you can ride a horse (picture taking only) while wearing those Igorot Costume for Php50 to Php100.
“Buy Your Pasalubong”
If there is a place in Baguio that is ideal to buy souvenirs or pasalubong, it is definitely the Mines View Park. There are so many stores inside and outside the park and there’s just to many options to choose from. Here, you’ll find many items like keychains, Tshirts, ref magnets, Ube Jam, Strawberry jam, walis, kulangot and a whole lot more. For the list of Pasalubongs to buy, you can check my own list of Things to Buy When Visiting Baguio. I also noticed that most items here compare to other locations in Baguio were relatively cheaper.
“Try Your Luck On the Wishing Well”
Whether you are superstitious or not, you definitely must try your luck on their so-called wishing well. Unlike the typical wishing well, this one is located several feet from the ground. Well, you just have to throw a penny and make a wish. Who knows it could be granted real soon!  It’s just for fun anyway!

” A Side Trip to Good Shepherd Convent”
Good Shepherd Convent is another notable destinations in Baguio which is just few walks away from the Mines View Park. So what makes this convent so special? The reason why people visit this place is because of their shop which is popularly known for their famous products like Ube Jam and more. These products are made my the Good Shepherd nuns and is made to perfection! Most of their products are also sold by different stalls in the Baguio Public Market and at various other outlets within the city. The money generated from the sale of their products is used for the different charities sponsored by the Good Shepherd nuns and also for the maintenance and upkeep of the convent. So therefore, you are not just buying their awesome products but also helping them in their financial needs.
” A Side Trip to Cordillera World”
If you want to dig in more of the culture they got in Baguio, then visiting the Cordillera World is a must. The museum is just located outside the Mines View Park. They showcase a huge collection of Igorot Made Products (and most of them are for sale too). All were actually impressively carved and crafted on woods. Take note that there is NO entrance fee to Cordillera World but they encouraged you to offer donations of any amount. Check : A Trip to Baguio : Cordillera World

25834467392_3a1b59021a_zThere are many other things you can do at Mines View Park and you can use the guide above to utilize your time. There are many restaurants and hotels to check in too. Overall, it was really a satisfying trip and my mom was just so happy that she finally got that “Walis na Matibay” (as if it was a trophy for her after all that exhausting walks we did)

Things You Should Know Before Going To The Mines View Park
►There is NO Entrance Fee to Mines View
►Igorot Costumes and Picture Taking With Horses have the same rate with other parks (Php20 for Costume / Php50-100 Photo opp with horses)
►Clean restrooms are available (php5-10 per usage)
►It is better to canvass items to get better and cheaper deals.
►There is NO Entrance fee to Cordillera World but you are encouraged to offer donation
►If you can’t make it to Good Shepherd for the Ube Jam, there are many stalls selling their items but just be observant because some are merely imitations and is not as good as the original Good Shepherd products

How to Get to the Wright Park and The Mansion
►Going to Baguio has never a hassle anymore. There are so many transit buses in the Metro that will take you directly to Baguio (Victory Liner and Genesis buses are two of the common bus companies that offers buses bound to the Summer capital of the Philippines. It is going to be 5-7 hours long travel and a one way ride may cost you up to Php450 or above. All places in Baguio can now be reached via jeepney or tricycle.
►Take a jeepney bound to Mines View park and ask the driver to drop you off in the said location.

Where to stay in Baguio
► There are many places to stay while in Baguio. There are many transient houses, budget hotels and even a bedspace. This will depend on your budget but based on my own experiences, it is really ideal to book your stay ahead. I got most of bookings at TravelBookPH (due to the great discounts I usually get from them). You can check this List of Hotels In Baguio for your budget-friendly guide!
After buying our pasalubongs, we headed to our last destination, the Burnham Park! I will conclude my Back To Baguio (With Mama on my next post)

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