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A trip to Antipolo will not be completed without visiting the well known Cathedral of the city. Antipolo on the first place will not be dubbed as the Pilgrimage capital of the country for no reason. The Cathedral is probably well known as the shrine of Nuestra Señora de la Paz y Buen Viaje or Our Lady of Peace and Good Voyage who is also the Patroness of Antipolo.
20161203_070515TDid you know that the church was supposed to be built on a different location? It was originally built to enshrine the miraculous image of Our Lady of Peace and Good Voyage (an image originated from Mexico) but instead of settling on a different location, they have chosen to establish the church on the site where the Tipolo tree is located. They said that the miraculous image was found under this tree after vanishing several times from the shrine.

The facade of Antipolo Cathedral

IMG_0023tThe historical marker posted outside the church stating its huge historical significanceIMG_0029tAnother historical marker dedicated to the canonically crowned image of Nuestra Señora Dela Paz Y Buen ViajeIMG_0009tThe statue of the twelve apostles were erected on top of the church’s main door and some on top of the pilastersIMG_0005t20161203_071727TThe nave of Antipolo Cathedral.

“Jose Rizal”
Another interesting fact! Did you know that our national hero Jose Rizal is also a devotee of the image? Rizal and his father went on a pilgrimage here to fulfill the vow made by her mother after giving birth to him. Rizal even mention the image in some of his writings. 20161203_071649TThe church features a high altar that enshrines the image of Our Lady of Peace and Good Voyage.IMG_0012yThe image of Our Lady of Peace and Good Voyage.

“The Image”
Nuestra Señora Dela Paz Y Buen Viaje is a 17th-century Roman Catholic wooden image of the Blessed Virgin Mary and was brought to the country by Governor-General Juan Niño de Tabora from Mexico via the galleon El Almirante in 1626. His safe voyage across the Pacific Ocean was attributed to the image, which was given the title of “Our Lady of Peace and Good Voyage“. The statue is one of the most celebrated images of the Blessed Virgin Mary in the Philippines, gaining devotees since the mid-19th century.

17539563785_fe96c74af2_z“The First Processsion”
The first Tuesday of May marks the start of the Pilgrimage season in Antipolo. They held a special mass followed by a long procession in which the image of the Our Lady of Peace and Good Voyage is brought to the so-called Via Dolorosa (formerly known as the White Cross) on the outskirts of the city, overlooking Metro Manila. It has been an annual tradition not just for the Antipoleños but for all devotees to our Lady of Peace and Good Voyage all over the country. (Check : The First Procession in Antipolo)
20161203_073332T20161203_073203TThe church’s facade as seen from the Southwest20161203_073103TLandscape outside the church. 20161203_073038TIMG_0036t20161203_072852TThe replica image of Our Lady of Peace and Good Voyage at the back of the church (in front of their souvenir shop). It is intentionally placed under the tree to depict those miraculous appearances of the said image under the Tipolo tree.20161203_072835TAn image of Pope Saint John Paul II20161203_070824T20161203_070653T
I really appreciate the fact that we started our Antipolo Tour by visiting the church. It was indeed a great way to start our journey for that day!

After attending the mass and had our quick breakfast, we headed to our next destination which is not too far from the Cathedral. One of the most popular destinations that is always wired to Antipolo because of the famous song that invites people to bathe in! The Hinulugang Taktak falls.

Things to Know before going to Antipolo Cathedral
►This is a church and must observe their rules. Also take time to visit the Nuestra Senora del Buen Viaje
►Souvenir shops are located at the back of the Cathedral
►You can have your items be blessed by Holy Water (also at the back of the Cathedral)
►The Pasalubong Center is just few walks away from the Cathedral
►For Antipolo Cathedral Mass Schedule (Visit this link )

How To Get To Antipolo Cathedral
►Antipolo is accessible by jeepney or FX taxi, with terminals in Metro Manila including one in Araneta Center Cubao and Valero Street behind RCBC Plaza in Makati. This will drop you off to Antipolo’s Town Proper. From here, you can ride a tricycle which can take you to all nearby destinations including the Antipolo Cathedral. Places along the main roads are accessible by jeepney.

Where to Stay in Antipolo
For those who are looking for a nice place to stay in Antipolo whether you are in a tight budget or not, you might consider this list of hotels and resorts in Antipolo as compiled by TravelBook (with discounted rates too). Again, Antipolo has so many great places to offer that you guys can explore and a day tour may not be enough to discover them all.

I actually have a mixed reaction with this famous tourist destination in Antipolo and I’m going to share it with you in my next entry.

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    I’ve been here last 2015 pa so I’m looking forward to attend the mass here again by next week.

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    Hello, Mr. Coyne!
    Just want to know if you can help me find transportation from Beacon Makati in San Lorenzo Barangay to Antipolo Cathedral this coming November 2019 and roundtrip. I am planning stay there may be for few hours in the morning. In case you will be able to help me on this trip, my next favor from you is a 3 days 2 nights stay with airport transfers to Boracay and another 3d2nts either to Puerto Princesa or El Nido in Palawan. Thank you very much in advance and hope to hear from you soon!


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