Biyaheng Antipolo : The Hinulugang Taktak Falls

IMG_0101tAfter a quick visit to Antipolo Cathedral, we all went to one of Antipolo’s top tourist destination, the famous Hinulugang Taktak Falls. Located in Brgy. Dela Paz Antipolo City lies a 12 meter high falls of Hinulugang Taktak which gain its fame through the song “Tayo Na Sa Antipolo” written by German San Jose (Gerry Brandy) of Malate, Manila which immediately made national attention.
20161203_082706T20161203_082735TThe entrance to Hinulugang Taktak. Due to its popularity and the overwhelming amount of visitors from different parts of the country, the fall was declared as a National Park in 1952

So Why Hinulugang Taktak?
Well, this comes up with a very interesting story. It took place in the 16th century where the residence nearby the church (Check : Antipolo Cathedral) complained for the rowdy sound produced by the bell during Angelus. The people demanded the local priest to remove the bell. And so the priest had to take it to the nearby river. This explains the name “Hinulugang Taktak” which means “Where the bell was dropped“.

The new face of Hinulugang Taktak falls

“The Sad Fate of Hinulugang Taktak”

A place is being tagged as a National Park not just to symbolize a national pride but also as a way for the authority to conserve such nature. Unfortunately, the fate of Hinulugang Taktak went the other way around. Due to its popularity especially during the 80s, the falls was overly spoiled. The falls that is once known for providing a great , serene and relaxing atmosphere that is characterized with green leaves, smooth ambiance, healthy environment, clean sorroundings, clean flowing water, sweet chirping of the birds were all gone. Instead, it was replaced with heavily polluted water and trashes everywhere.
20161203_083632T20161203_083649T In fact, Hinulugang Taktak was declared a National Park in 1990 and a Protected Landscape in 2000 but heavily suffered from years of environmental degradation because of illegal settlers along its tributaries. The fate of the well known waterfalls is truly depressing but luckily, the local government and some other organization exerted their continuous effort to bring the place back to its former glory.
20161203_084054TThe national park underwent major restoration and a make over. They planted trees and bamboos and created an inviting landscape too.
20161203_084232TThe water is still polluted though and is no longer suitable for swimming and is also no longer accessible to general public. They placed barricades around the falls and the visitors can only marvel the remaining beauty that this popular tourist attraction in Antipolo has to offer. IMG_0076tYou can still spot this smelly foams floating in the water near the falls. Hinulugang Taktak was also badly affected by an oil spill which occurred two years ago. The place was closed to public to give enough time for the authority to rehabilitate the area. They spent P134.4 million (from the Department of Public Works and Highways) to restore the place. IMG_0072t20161203_084723T20161203_084319tWhen we went there, the restoration is still on going. You can spot these huge machine surrounding the falls. It was really devastating and all i have in mind is that “look what have the people done in this place?”. I appreciate the Local Government unit’s effort to restore the place though but don’t you think this should have been done years ago? 20161203_084534T20161203_084420t20161203_085029TDespite the fall’s current condition, Hinulugang Taktak is still a great sight to behold. 20161203_085206TIMG_0106tIMG_0111tThe green trees and the colorful plants are the proofs that this place can still be restored. I just hope that the local government will remain faithful with their mission to bring the Hinulugang Taktak back to its former glory so that the younger and future generation will witness the beauty of Antipolo’s treasure!

What Are the Other Things You Can Do in Hinulugang Taktak?


Since the falls is no longer suitable for swimming, visitors can go here and appreciate the sight of the falls. The place is also offers cottages which could be ideal for picnic. Interestingly, ever since they reopened to public, they are not charging anyone yet. Yes, there is no entrance fee to Hinulugang Taktak as of this moment. You just have to register your name upon entering. 20161203_085552TThey also have a meditation area. A simple space near the falls with benches to rest and a grotto of Our Lady of Peace and Good Voyage20161203_085233TThe grotto20161203_084815T20161203_085748TThere is also a swimming pool in the area but by the we get there, the pool was closed and I didn’t get enough info regarding with the rates20161203_083804T

Things You should Know before going to Hinulugang Taktak falls
►As of this moment, there is NO entrance fee to Hinulugang Taktak. You just have to sign up your name though.
►The cottages can also be used for NO CHARGE
►There is a swimming pool in the area (not sure about the rates though)
►The place is surprisingly spacious and ideal for family bonding or team building
►Foods are allowed but cleanliness must strictly be observed
►No vandalism
►Pets are NOT allowed
►No Smoking
►The Park is open from 8am to 5pm

How to Get to Hinulugang Taktak Falls
►Antipolo is accessible by jeepney or FX taxi, with terminals in Metro Manila including one in Araneta Center Cubao and Valero Street behind RCBC Plaza in Makati. This will drop you off to Antipolo’s Town Proper. From here, you can ride a tricycle which can take you to all nearby destinations including the Hinulugang Taktak. Places along the main roads are accessible by jeepney.

Where to Stay in Antipolo
For those who are looking for a nice place to stay in Antipolo whether you are in a tight budget or not, you might consider this list of hotels and resorts in Antipolo as compiled by TravelBook (with discounted rates too). Again, Antipolo has so many great places to offer that you guys can explore and a day tour may not be enough to discover them all.

After visiting the Hinulugang Taktak falls, we headed to our next destination. A place in Antipolo which is becoming one of the city’s top destination especially by the millennials! The Pinto Art Museum and I am going to share it with you on my next entry.

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  • February 8, 2017 at 11:29 am

    We even have a song for this in school, right?

    Beautiful. Madami talaga magandang lugar sa Pilipinas and it makes me sad when I see Filipinos not taking care of it. Sa Baguio lang ang daming kalat.

  • February 23, 2017 at 10:14 pm

    Are there a lot of cottages in the area?

    • February 23, 2017 at 10:23 pm

      Good Day Mia
      Yes, there’s a lot of cottages available in the area

  • May 3, 2017 at 2:53 pm

    Ask ko lang po kuya kng ngayon po ba may entrance fee na sa hinulugang taktak kng sakaling mags-swimming? Tsaka magkano po?

    • May 3, 2017 at 3:09 pm

      Hi Laarni, thanks for dropping by, upon checking sa mga comments from TripAdvisor.. it seems na wala pang charge or entrance fee to Hinulugang Taktak. Im not sure sa pool though

  • September 28, 2018 at 4:20 am

    Yan ang problema sa ilan nating mga kababayan na hindi marunong magpahalaga sa ating kalikasan na isang yaman ng bansa, nasasalaula lang ang mga magaganda nating mga lugar. Sana patuloy na i-maintain
    ng ating gobyerno at ingatan nman ng ating mga kababayan.🧐


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