My Visita Iglesia 2016 (Batangas-Cavite)


I was once again part of a the same pilgrim group much like what I did last year. We were able to explore 14 different churches in Cavite last year and this time, we decided to visit churches in Batangas. Our original itinerary includes 10 churches in Batangas starting from Sto. Tomas and is supposed to conclude in Calaruega in Nasugbu but things didn’t go according to our plans due to some unexpected events that we encountered along the way. We actually decided to take the route similar to what I had last year with another group. Things went pretty smooth but even before leaving Cavite, we encountered an accident. A motorcycle driver and his friend who are both under the influenced of liquor accidentally crashed to an oncoming jeep from the opposite lane which also hit the rear part of our van.P3244619tIt was one bloody accident which I didn’t even look at. Since we are involved in the accident, the driver had to submit his report and also file a complaint which took us a lot of time. After settling the issue, we headed immediately to our first destination. We almost lost our way to Sto Tomas but good thing , the people are approachable and guided us towards the location of the first church, the Saint Thomas Aquinas Parish.P3244622tSince I have been here already, i didn’t take much photos at all except for the facade and some areas that I haven’t explored during my first visit.P3244627P3244625tP3244626tHere are the list of Acitivities on Saint Thomas Aquinas Parish in Batangas for the entire Holy WeekP3244630tThe Main Altar of Saint Thomas Aquinas ParishP3244635tAfter stating the first two stations, we decided to leave and hit our next destination but we didn’t expect that we will be welcomed by such overwhelming traffic. It took us more than an hour before reaching the Shrine of Padre Pio.P3244636tP3244640tP3244645tP3244641tP3244646tP3244653tP3244657tThe dome-like church has an eco-friendly and tropical-inspired structure as it is made from wood, stone, bamboo and sasa (bamboo plant) that provide a relaxing atmosphere inside. On the top most part of the ceiling is a hanging cross depicting different images of Christ including the Crucified, the one lying on the lap of Mary (La Pieta) and the Risen one. P3244659tThey also added some new attractions in the shrine that weren’t there last year including this stunning fountain with the life sized images of the Crucified Christ and Padre Pio.P3244660tJust beside the fountain is a place where pilgrim can offer or petition their prayers by putting wish locks or tying handkerchiefs.P3244658tA huge grotto of Our Lady of Fatima near the St Padre Pio Rectory.
P3244669ttAfter the Shrine of Padre Pio, we headed to our third destination, the St Therese of the Child of Jesus in Lipa City. We were supposed to visit three churches in Lipa but after witnessing and experiencing such horrible traffic, we all thought that it would be better to visit Taal Basilica as early as possible. P3244663tHistory marker of St Therese (you can check more details about this church here)P3244664tThe scheduled of Activities for the entire Holy Week of St Therese of The Child of Jesus in Lipa.P3244679tIt was long ride goin to Taal so we decided to take our lunch along the road. P3244689tAs expected, we are welcomed by a crazy traffic and we managed to arrived in Taal Basilica around 7pm and I can no longer take decent shots. (you can check more details about the basilica here)P3244690trThe nave and altar of Taal Basilica. Our original plan is to visit the Shrine of Caysasay and also the miraculous Well of Sta Lucia but it’s too dark already and it is no longer possible for us to walk that far. We all decided to proceed to the next destination which is supposed to be the Calaruega but it was not pushed through because the church is already closed so we headed to Mendez Cavite and decided to visit other churches nearby instead. P3244692tyThe altar of St Augustine of Mendez Cavite (You can check more details about this church here)P3244697ttAfter Mendez we headed to Indang Cavite to visit the St Gregory The Great Parish. We found out that they did some interesting renovation in their facility. You now had to climb down in order to reach their stations of the cross. I didn’t know that the church was that elevated. P3244700tP3244704ttOur last destination was St Jude Thaddeus of Trece Martires City (you can check more details about this church here)

12 thoughts on “My Visita Iglesia 2016 (Batangas-Cavite)”

  1. smallkucing says:

    Happy Easter, Blue

  2. ROBERT LEE says:

    Hey, it’s not a goof thing to be involved in an accident, and yet, it was still good in the sense that no one was hurt. The time wasted though is something you can never take back.

    Anyway, the traffic was expected.

    Important thing is the rest of the trip was safe and you were able to go to the churches.

  3. Roy Miller says:

    Sorry to hear about your involvement with the traffic accident. It must be awesome to be able to visit these churches. There is so much history to see, it must be hard to take it all in. The pictures you posted are beautiful. So much color and detail. Thank you for sharing it.

  4. sabine says:

    How many churches have you seen in your life? Wow he, all those beautiful buildings and religious stuff that you’re always showing, makes me feel like a bad Christian not going to church with Easter. Bad huh? Great description of the trip to all those different religious places. Keep up those beautiful posts!

  5. alison says:

    Sorry to hear about your accident. Glad you guys were okay!

    The churches are so beautiful inside but I really enjoyed seeing the differences of how they were probably according to their history. I feel like I learn so much when I see your pictures. It is like I am with you on your travels!

  6. Joanna says:

    Sorry to hear that you had and accident but I am happy that it was just a minor one and that nobody got hurt. Wow, visiting 14 churches in one day, that is very impressive! It’s nice how they have different architecture and styles.

  7. Kat says:

    Sadly drunk motorcycle drivers are not that uncommon. Anyway, good thing you’re all okay and you still managed to continue with the Visita Iglesia. Visita Iglesia is something I haven’t experienced myself but will probably do sometime in the future if a friend invites me. 🙂

  8. Veeyah says:

    Woah, quite a rough start, but you have to admit the events after were pretty great in comparison. 🙂 I can just imagine how breathtaking those churches you visited are in real life. Darn work schedule! I no longer have time to go on trips like these, except during holidays.

  9. Raffa says:

    I’m glad that at least you’re okay. I love churches for the art aspect of it and only because of that. As always, you have great photos!

  10. Sonnie says:

    I have not done visita iglesia myself on a Good Friday bec. I expect heavy traffic in the provinces. I spend Good Friday attending “School of the Cross” from 9AM-4PM to internalize what the meaning of lent was to us.

    Happy that you’re not in anyway hurt by the accident, ohh well at least physically. Looking at bloody and disfigured individuals can affect our soul.

  11. Neri Ann says:

    Wow those are pretty structured churches! I haven’t experienced doing visita iglesia because of work. Visita Iglesia I think will be the best time to reflect and pray. And another reason is to discover this beautiful churches.

  12. nimi popat says:

    It seems like one real bad accident. Hope everything is well. These days you never know when something so terrible like an accident might take place. Just take care dear. Hope the rest of your trip will be fine. Best wishes from my side. Take care dear. Loved your indepth post. 🙂

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