Casa Hacienda De Naic


While everyone is busy exploring the Naic Church, I decided to take a quick peek to an Elementary school located nearby. Naic Elementary School may not look that super old but this 19th-century structure has a huge historical significance. The place is formerly known as the Casa Hacienda de Naic.P8291862t Aside from being the only existing casa hacienda administered by friars in the Philippines that remains to be used at present, Casa Hacienda De Naic plays a crucial role in Philippine history in relation with one of our National heroes, Andres Bonifacio. P8291864tCasa Hacienda De Naic was originally constructed around 1830 by the Dominican priests after purchasing a large tract of real estate property known as the Hacienda de San Isidro Labrador to serve as housing for the overseers and workers of the said hacienda. During the Philippine Revolution, Casa Hacienda fell into the hands of Filipino revolutionaries.P8291863tThe house later served as base of operations for Andres Bonifacio and his men shortly after the events of the Tejeros Convention which propelled Emilio Aguinaldo and his allies into power in the formation of the revolutionary government. Andres Bonifacion was arrested and held together with his brother Procopio in a cell inside the Casa which still exist today!P8291869tThere were no classes that time but I was lucky enough to see a guy who is seemingly the school’s caretaker who noticed me glancing around the building. I asked him if there is a museum inside the school that is open for public viewing and he told me that there’s no museum inside but they will have soon since they are currently refurbishing the upper floor. Interestingly, he guided me to the main entrance where the actual Bartolina is located (just below the stairway).P8291866tThe historical marker of the Bartolina. This is the exact place where Bonifacio and his brother was held. They put life sized figures to re-enact the scene. P8291867tI assumed this is Andres BonifacioP8291868tAnd this is his brother Procopio

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7 thoughts on “Casa Hacienda De Naic”

  1. [SK] says:

    very interesting elementary school, like the vibrant colors.. and nice that they are going to set up a little museum soon, so that you have a reason to pay a visit again in the future?? hehe..

  2. Renz says:

    This reminds me of my sibika at kultura lessons back in grade school. Thanks for taking me back to time! 😀

  3. Franc Ramon says:

    Visiting Hacienda de Naic would definitely give students a better grasp of history. It also has that feel of the historic times.

  4. Debarpan says:

    Thanks for this article.I appreciate the time you spend behind this amazing article.Totally worth visiting here.Nice site.Good job,keep it up.Looking forward to read your upcoming articles.

  5. Jojo Vito says:

    this seemed to be an interesting place to visit. al old school building…museum…How I wish I can also visit this place 🙂

  6. Sam says:

    I live in Cavite and I don’t know that Naic is historical! I have been to Maragondon for Bonifacio Shrine. Wish I’d discovered this sooner

  7. Ron says:

    This is so impressive I was wondered of being a Filipino to know the historical features of Casa Hacienda de Naic and now become a school which known as Naic elementary school.

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