Walking Down The Memory Lane : The Naive Life In Naic

Here comes another set of entries that should have been posted five months ago. We attended a wake of one of our close relatives. Well technically not because she’s the sister of my Uncle’s wife but she do plays a big part in my life especially during my college days. Yes, probably one of the unforgettable chapters in my life was when i reached college and somehow I got matured but not matured enough. This is the time I experienced to be in love and be loved! Anyway, during the first year, I had to stay in my Uncle’s house in Naic Cavite which is the nearest place I could possibly be that time and on the first place, my uncle is the one supporting me in college financially. It was a long story but I really have so many great memories here. The simple and peaceful life in Naic, the life that is too far from the city’s stressful atmosphere. Everything is just so great. After leaving the place, for some reason I never had a courage to revisit it for almost 10 years! Now, I finally had a reason to go back. A lot has changed as expected, the huge and almost empty lot was now occupied by many houses and apartments but you can still see a huge field nearby.GEDC0143e Just look at this peaceful atmosphere. It’s just very relaxing and I wouldn’t mind spending hours sitting or lying on the grass embracing the entire scenery. GEDC0144e You can see dragonflies flying everywhere, bullfrogs croaking, and cows feeding on grasses. Wow, you can no longer have such scene in the city!
a Just in case you are wondering, this place in particular is in Munting Mapino Naic Cavite! GEDC0149e Mushrooms growing on a cow’s poop LOLn This is my Uncle’s house and this is where I used to stay when I was in college. The house beside them was not there before. The hut where I used to hang out to study is still there too! GEDC0151 One of my uncle’s pets!GEDC0148e Here’s my little brother enjoying the view!
GEDC0152e If ever I’ll have my own family in the future, I would love to live in place like this! Anyway, after attending the wake and visiting my Uncle’s house in Naic, we decided to have a long road trip to visit some churches in Cavite. Our first stop, the Saint Gregory the Great Parish Church in Indang Cavite and I will reserve that for the next entry

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