Marian Image Gallery In Naic Church

P8291878t Naic Church also has an ecclesiastical museum but unfortunately we only have limited time since we had to visit 3 more churches and I was also informed that we must present a letter of request to their office before granting us an access. Good thing, they had a mini gallery outside showcasing different Marian paintings and novenas for different Marian images.
P8291872tIt is a very small image gallery displaying different information about the parish, their Patron saint and other Marian images of Cavite
P8291876tP8291877tP8291879tVarious images depicting the Our Lady of Immaculate ConceptionP8291874tP8291874tNovenas and “stampitas” of different Marian imagesP8291888tI spotted an old “Tessera” too (a booklet of Legion of Mary)

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