OzineFest 2014 ~ Part 3

 photo P4270030w_zps3d8495da.jpg
Despite of some of the issues we had in the recently held OzineFest 2014, I still enjoyed the event in general. I was actually expecting to see a lot of Attack of the Titans cosplayers but I am surprised to see a huge variety. I saw some League of Legends cosplayers and more.
 photo P4270052w_zps0dcd3051.jpg

I wonder how much effort, time and money these people have spent to come up with such an impressive costume that will bring your favorite anime and game characters alive.
 photo P4270038w_zpsc5f77ea2.jpg

Most cosplayers are putting themselves into their character. They are capturing not just their looks but also their character’s attitude, behavior and the way they move. The picture above is a girl cosplaying Toph of Avatar : The Last Airbender. She actually did her job well and managed to play Toph Beifong in a very impressive manner.
 photo P4270050w_zps63db4e9e.jpg
 photo P4270062w_zps61d9bd1d.jpg
 photo P4270012w_zpsb0fa0b69.jpg
 photo collageww_zpsb860ec76.jpg

I personally wouldn’t mind attending the event next year ¬†and I am hoping for a bigger and much more organized OzineFest 2015


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