OzineFest 2014 ~ Part 2

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Aside from such a very long queue, one of the complaints I’ve heard is sudden raise of ticket prices. They were initially promoting limited edition tickets that can be bought online amounting to 100Php until April 15. According to their website, they will be selling tickets on the event itself and it is worth Php120 per day. However, after arriving on the said venue, a lot of them were surprised that they changed the price from 120 to 150 without prior notice.
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Regular Passes are worth 500 to 700 pesos while the VIP pass is worth Php1200. This will give them a chance to meet and greet the six special guests including Aza, JDoll, Yannbyul,  Misa, Ying Tze and Yazi.

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As far as the activities are concerned, OzineFest features Art Contest, Battle of The Bands (Day 1 and 2), Cosplay Competition, Group Cosplay, and Karaoke Contest. The Karaoke Contest was featured in three consecutive days, encouraging participants to bring their own Cd or flash drive. Songs can be on any category including anime series, OVA, Sentai, Metal Heroes, Tokusatsu or Vocaloids. The Group Cosplay was held in Day 2 while the main Cosplay Competition took place on the third day. As far as I can remember , there were less than a hundred but more than 80 participants joined the contest.
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I also like to note that the event invited some performers including the AsianChickenFest. Some of the notable highlights of the competition are those cosplayers with some cool and funny gimmicks including Deadpool acting like Elsa and singing “Let It Go” and followed duo performances with his younger sister portraying Princess Anna. There’s also Kyuubi performing What The Fox Say and also a giant Zoids.
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More of my favorites in my next entry


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