OzineFest 2014 ~ Part 1

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My sister,my younger brother and I were able to attend the recently held OzineFest last April 27 (Day 3 of the said event). Just to give you a brief info about the event. OzineFest is an annual anime convention organized by the editorial committee of Otakuzine Anime Magazine. The event is composed of different activities including Cosplay Competition, Exhibit booths, Auction, Band Tournaments, Karaoke Contest, Art Contest and a whole lot more. Technically, OzineFest 2014 is the ninth year of this annual event and was held in SMX Convention Center.
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It is generally a three-day event starting from April 25 to 27. We decided to attend the event on the third and last day, hoping that it could be their grandest day. Well, how can i described by Ozine 2014 Experience? No offense but this could actually be the worst and the most stressful Ozine event I have ever attended. I am not against the event and I am still planning to attend the future conventions but I am hoping that they could make their succeeding events more organized. We managed to arrive on the area around 11am but we were welcomed by a very huge and long queue of ticket buyers. We were lucky enough that our cousin bought our tickets ahead and so we didn’t have to bear such sacrifice. I felt pity for those who have waited there for more than an hour or two just to avail the tickets.
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This is probably the “crowdiest” OzineFest ever. In fact, you will find it hard to enter the main event because attendees are being filtered thoroughly before you can take the escalator towards the venue. On top of that, the guards are not really approachable and friendly. I saw some tweets and harsh comments in Facebook about this particular lady guard too. ┬áMy sister and I actually had the worst experience in this event but it is not relevant to the convention but I am not going to disclose any of those horrible experiences here in my blog.
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Some of the action figures displayed in one of the booths.
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Art Contest / Gallery of independent and creative illustrators. Not sure if it’s a contest though but they are all exhibiting their impressive anime-related artworks.
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Of Course, Milzon took the opportunity to take some photos with some of his favorite anime and game characters.
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I will share more pictures in my next entry. Cheers!


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