Jealousy have complex definitions. Dictionary definitions describe popular meanings of jealousy. Scientific definitions emphasize aspects of jealousy that have received attention in theory and research. Despite differences in wording and emphasis, definitions of jealousy usually share basic themes. These shared themes indicate jealousy is a meaningful concept. Jealousy can also be distinguished from concepts such as envy. In simple terms, jealousy is a feeling of protective resentment towards one who threatens a relationship or value how if jealopusy arose in a certain relationship what are the ways and how to prevent this? Jealousy can occur not just in a relationship between a couple but also with the other member of the family like you with your brother or sister… you want to get everyone’s attention and failures for this desire may lead you to jealousy.. for me Jealousy can be prevented by having Trust to your partners trust will be the key word to end up this jealousy The experience of jealousy involves: Fear of loss Suspicion or anger about betrayal Low self-esteem and sadness over loss Uncertainty and loneliness Fear of losing an important person to an attractive other Distrust

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