Stop Drug Addiction

Drug Addiction is one of the country’s biggest problems today. the increasing cases of drug addiction to our country is indeed very alerting and i just wish that the Government will take action to this. I have heard a lot of bills to oppose the continuous growth of drug addiction to the country but i am not sure if they are being implemented effectively.

But let us keep in mind, that the key to stop this drug addiction completely is to cooperate with our government. It doesn’t necessarily mean that we have to join those drug addiction campaigns or participate in some awareness event. We should not be so dependent to our government. We, as a an individual should take actions in our own simple yet special way. Let say you know someone who is highly influenced by drugs or become drug dependent, then you may want to convince his family to take that guy to the nearest rehabilitation centers. We used to wire these rehab centers to celebrities but please take note that these centers are open for everyone and not just for those high profile personalities. It just so happened that they areĀ  public figures and almost everyone is eyeing for their actions that’s why every time a celebrity will enter a rehab center, they will always be in the headlines.

Philippines is not the only country who have these undying issues about drug addiction. Almost all countries have the same problem. Just like in some part of the US, they got this long term rehab in Kansas where patients will undergone long series of therapies and other drug treatment programs.

Rehabilitation is said to be the most effective way to cure addiction. Imprisonment is not the answer for these drug users. Please realized that there is a reason why they become so dependent to drugs. These reasons may include depression or stress. What they need are proper treatment, medication, and most of all support from his family.

If you know someone from your family or friends who suffers from substance abuse or alcohol addiction, you should seek for immediate medical assistance and encourage them to go on a rehab center so they can get proper diagnosis and treatment. Most of these rehab centers offer well-equipped facilities and provide different types of programs based on the patient’s needs. The Arista Recovery center in Kansas, for instance, offers a wide variety of therapies including Art Therapy, EDMR, CBT, Yoga, and more. You can visit them at to learn more about the services they offer.

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