Bangenge Festival 2014

 photo PC150529e_zpsce0a700e.jpgBangenge Festival is one of the much awaited Christmas events here in Cavite City. It is like our version of Angono, Rizal’s Higantes Festival but instead of depicting a family or the naive life in Angono, Bangenges are merely inspired from random characters which could either be a cartoon, an anime character, game characters or even a famous celebrity or personality. This event has been a long time tradition for the Caviteños. It has been here in Cavite City since early 70s. Bangenge is often brought by carolers too. photo PC150525_zps3cb0eecd.jpgBangenge are giant mascots made from paper-mâché. Their frames are often made from baskets and bamboo sticks while the skins are all made from old newspapers or magazines with the help of their home made paste and then once dry, they will adorn it with colorful paints and flamboyant accessories. I also noticed that all Bangenges are carrying a Jack N Jill product (probably the event’s main sponsor). The competition is open for different barangay in Cavite City and also for different schools and independent participants. The contest will have its own category.  Let’s look at this year’s entries shall we,
 photo PC150521e_zpsbca36788.jpgPopeye photo PC150524e_zpsd86339a5.jpgMichael Jackson photo PC150513e_zpsaade7268.jpg Russell (Up) photo PC150519e_zpscfd0defc.jpg Gizmo (Superbook) photo PC150520e_zpsb1283306.jpgJohnny Bravo photo PC150510_zpsa5e19d3c.jpg Barbarian (Clash Of Clans) photo PC150507e_zps6cd6d414.jpg Queen Elsa (Frozen) photo PC150499e_zpscc0c31e2.jpg photo PC150505e_zps1db44cb3.jpg Po (Kungfu Panda) photo PC150500e_zps4d25d625.jpg photo PC150479_zps59791def.jpg Mr Yum (Jollibee) photo PC150464e_zps3e2a3251.jpgDende (Dragonball) photo PC150471e_zps0fb65db9.jpgSpongebob Squarepants photo PC150475e_zps972e2287.jpgMonkey D Luffy (One Piece) photo PC150465e_zps0112b052.jpgAmidamaru (Shaman King) photo PC150467e_zpse216201c.jpg photo PC150466e_zps906c0cea.jpgDetective Conan photo PC150460e_zps7b00603e.jpg Cannonball (Ben 10) photo PC150463e_zps2999b711.jpgPaddlepop photo PC150461e_zps65c134be.jpgFourarms (Ben 10) photo PC150449e_zps499ae345.jpgOlaf (Frozen) photo PC150450e_zps0a226c29.jpgElsa (Frozen) photo collagesadf_zps3cfa0db5.jpgFrom Left to Right: Red (Larva), Garfield, Baymax (Big Hero 6) and Stitch (Lilo and Stitch) photo collages_zps3840d119.jpgMegamind, Jericho Jr (Yu Yu Hakusho) Ironman, Captain America photo collagesd_zps5193dbc7.jpg Aside from the Bangenge competition, one of the event’s highlights is the Kuneho (Rabbit) parade. Here, several students from different schools will carry a rabbit-shaped lanterns. It is also one of the competition’s categories.  photo collagesdf_zps7c66700c.jpgThe lantern can either be made from Japanese papers, crepe paper, cotton or if you are resourceful enough, you can think of something else like the picture above in which they use plastic spoons.  photo PC150495_zps9e2c1b3c.jpg

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