Here’s What You Have Missed From AsiaPop Comicon 2017 #APCCPH2017

It’s been a week since the Asia Pop Comicon got concluded and yet I am still hype over my experiences from the recent convention. It’s an unarguably the best pop culture event in the country today and considering that it was just their third year, we can expect greater surprises in their succeeding years! Despite being new, AsiaPop Comicon is starting to line itself among with other well-established conventions in the Philippines including ToyConPh or even the Cosplay Mania. The Asia Pop Comicon is an international pop culture convention that focuses on comics, film, toys and collectibles, animation, games, cosplay, superheroes and everything pop culture and is one of the first conventions to bring Hollywood celebrities in the country and give fans a chance to meet them. ToyConPH in partnership of Pop FanX has adapted the same concept in their recent years.

Universal Events & Entertainment brought a bigger , greater and possibly geekier Asia Pop Comicon for its third year. The three day event was held in SMX Mall of Asia which gathers all the fans of comics, toys, movies, anime and everything pop culture.  The event has become the ultimate celebration for fans of pop culture bringing together comic followers, artists, designers, animators, toy manufacturers, collectors, movie buffs, music lovers, cosplayers, gamers, technology buffs, fanatic geeks, fitness enthusiasts, beauty and fashion lovers providing immersive and inclusive experience for the visitors. This year, APCC has partnered with Marvel and Netflix which both featured some of the most amazing exhibits including the highly anticipated Hall M and the interactive Netflix booths that turned our favorite tv shows into reality! Of course, this is not an Asia Pop Comicon without highlighting their Hollywood Celebrity guests! This year, they’ve invited Ray Fisher and Tyler Hoechlin and some casts from the highly acclaimed series Stranger Things.  So without any further ado, here are the things you have missed from Asia Pop Comic Con 2017!
It is not going to be Comicon if there are no comics involved and what I like about AsiaPop even in their previous events is the fact that they have become a platform for both international and local comic artists to promote their talents and masterpiece. You can spot an artist doing an impromptu sketch or if you got lucky, you can have them sign your posters or your comics. Some of the international artists include Malaysian comic  illustrator Alan Quah whose works include Godzilla : The Awakening, Dark Souls and Quake Champions. Digital artists “Artgem” was also present in the event while Carl Potts, Rodney Ramos, Whilce Portacio all graced the Walk Of Fame booths. Local artists like Tatong Jurolan, Carlo Pagulayan, Mervin Malonzo, JV Fuentacilla of Agila were also spotted in the event!
A geeky convention like Asia Pop will not be completed without the overwhelming toy displays that are merely inspired from your favorite comics and movie characters! Some major exhibitors highlighted their exclusive products in the event. You probably came across Cross booth and witnessed their cool Cross X Marvel pens or how about the 6th scale action figures from Fiblars? MaxiCollector never failed to amuse us with their collection of striking action figures! Vinyl Artist  Jason Freeny and Toy Designer Quiccs also graced the Walk Of Fame booths to entertain their respective fans. I also noticed that this year features lesser exhibitors yet a more spacious booth which is definitely a good thing!
A convention like Asia Pop will never be completed without the creative cosplayers who bring our favorite comic characters to life! Overwatch and Justice League are two cosplay themes that dominated the event this year. In fact, most of the participants and even the champion from The CAGE is sporting an Overwatch costume.  Not to mention the appearance of Gaku Space as one of this year’s international guests. Gaku Space is the voice actor behind one of the game’s popular character ~ Genji. Although I spotted some interesting cosplays that are inspired from different comics, games and even movies! I spotted so many Moana, X-men and more! Unfortunately, i thought my cosplay plans will push through but due to lack of time and preparation, i was not able to wear any costume ! It could have been another check on my bucket list but hey, we still have Cosplay Mania on the way!
What I love about this year’s AsiaPop is that it featured so many interactive booths that Comicon goers like me really appreciate. It was truly a great experience interacting from one booth to another and each one has their own gimicks to attract visitors. The Game of Thrones booth brought by SkyCable for an instance features the iconic Iron Throne from the series. You can even use props and better yet be accompanied by some GOT cosplayers! The comics “Tabi Po” by Marvin Malonzo will be adapted soon in a tv series which will be aired in Cignal’s Sari Sati Channel. The booth features an enigmatic and eerie atmosphere highlighting this creepy tree with zombie-like creatures lurking around! TV5 on the other hand brought Terminus in Manila while ABS-CBN brought their Mars Ravelo franchise in the event, the same things they showed in the past conventions like ToyCon and HistoryCon. Hall M also gave the lucky 1000 attendees a chance to witness some never before seen clips and trailers about the upcoming movies and project of Marvel.
Walk Of Fame
I was lucky enough to catch most of the Walk of Fame celebrities on their respective booths.  The event offered  special booths for their special guest artists which they aptly named Walk of Fame. Some of the Walk of Famers include comic artists Carl Potts, Whilce Portacio and Rodney Ramos; Creator and writer Shoji Kawamori;  Vinyl Artist Quiccs and some internationally renown cosplayers who served as the judges for CAGE including our very own Alodia Gosiengfiao, Myrtle Sarrosa, Jin (BehindInfinity), Haiden Hazzard, Pion Kim and Canvas Cosplay!
One of the best parts of this year’s AsiaPopo Comicon is the NetFlix booth, a huge interactive space which turned your favorite television shows into a reality!  Once you have entered the place, it will take you to a different dimension bringing some iconice places from various tv shows including Byer’s Living Room, the Hawkins Lab and the Upside Down from Stanger Things. The interactive prison from The Orange is The New Black where visitors can wear prison uniform and have their mug shots taken. Riverdale’s iconic pop diner was turned into a reality and they even offer real choco shakes for every visitors for free! NetFlix took us all in an engaging New York street set with The Defenders standees! They also gave us a chance to experience the horror through their VR room to promote the Death Note US adaptation which was recently shown to NetFlix.
International Celebrities
What really makes AsiaPop Comicon truly stands out above the rest of the conventions in the country are the international celebrities. This year Tyler Hoechlin  and Ray Fisher graced the stage to entertain their massive pinoy fans. Tyler Hoechlin is known as the Superman from the second season of Supergirl while Ray Fisher is best known as Cyborg in the upcoming Justice League movie. The cast of Stanger Things were also present in the event such as Dacre Montgomery, Joe Keery, Noah Schnapp  and Sadie Sink. Gaku Space also lead a panel discussion while Tenchi Muyo Singer Serena Kozuki  brought some noise and music on stage.

It was generally another successful year for AsiaPop Comicon and I just can’t wait to find out what are the things and other major surprises this event will offer next year. I am going to post more about Asia Pop in my next entries!

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Here’s What You Have Missed From AsiaPop Comicon 2017 #APCCPH2017
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