Summer vacation is synonymous to parties, reunions, buffet and overindulgence. Take my schedule this week for instance – I will be attending parties one after the other from Monday to Saturday. And we’re just getting warmep up. It’s easy to lose track of the calorie consumption as you eat drink and be merry. According in some health books that i have read, most Americans never lose the weight they gain during the Holidays. The pounds add up year after year, making Holiday weight gain an important factor in adult obesity. In the Philippine setting, we do not have statistics related to that but nevertheless, here are ways to avoid falling into the same trap of weight gain during summer holidays.

Come Prepared. Some people want to make the most out of the free buffet by coming in hungry and filling their stomach and doggy bag to the brim. Skipping a meal often result in over eating on the nest meal sso eat a light and healthy snack before going to the party.

Water. Go for water over juice or iced tea. Some bottled iced tea contain more sugar than a bottled of softdrinks. There are also fruit drinks foud to have more added sugar than juice. Oh and water is a good appetite suppressant too! it will make you feel full resulting to meal avoidance or over eating.

Small matters. In “French Women Don’t Get Fat,” you dont have to deprive your self of your favorite treats every now and then but enjoy your indulgences one bite at a time and don’t forget to watch the amount you eat. And if it’s going to have calories, it better be chocolate..hmmm i’m thinking of Dark Chocolates. Serve yourself only small portions of food. You can use appetizer plate so you limit the amount of food you put  on your plate. Limiting of portion also applies to liquor. Keep you alcohol comsumption in check.

That’s all for now. I’ll share more tips in my next post! Have  great day and happy blogging to everyone.

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