Why is it Hard for a Blogger to explain His Job?

Why is it so hard for a blogger like me to explain what may job really is. Whenever a friend of mine or even a stranger asked me about the nature of my job, i really don’t know when and how to start explaining. If I tell them that I am a blogger, they will start asking what blogging is and how to start making a blog and how to I earn from such thing.

If I tell them that I am a writer, they will start to interrogate me and ask me what exactly the articles that I used to write and how do a I get paid for writing them.

If I tell them that I am an author of a website, then they will start to ask some technical things or sometimes they will just end the discussion because they cannot relate to it at all. If I tell them that I am a freelancer, they will keep asking how does it work and so on and so forth as if it takes forever for me to explain the details of my work and it’s funny because I cannot tell exactly what my job description is.

I was processing my BPI Easy Savers last week and I encountered the same thing. The teller, of course, asked me about the nature of my job and she asked me some follow up questions because she was quite confused about my job and how it actually works. It’s funny too because it seems like she was pretty amazed because I am working at home, sitting in front of my PC all day as if i do not experience any pressure at all compare to those who are working in an office.

Oh well, in the end of the day, it makes me realized that if someone wants to know the background of being a blogger and a freelance online writer , it could probably take a day or more to explain it completely and before they can understand the whole process. Yikes.

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