During the Interview

Interview is one of the most crucial and the most nerve wracking part of any application but this is actually something that you should not be afraid of because this is a part where you can showcase yourself and prove to them that you really have what it takes to be on that position. Know what the job entails you are applying for. Find out all you can about the company before you apply. Think up reason why you would be the ideal man for the job. Think of sensible questions to ask the interviewer. Go over in your mind possible questions you will be asked and think of intelligent answers to give.

When you are introduced with your interviewer, greet him or her with a warm smile, a strong handshake and maintain eye contact at all times. Don’t look at the floor or ceiling or else he will think that you are hiding something or you lack of confidence. Your education may be impressive but it won’t always guarantee you a job. Your personality, dress and manners plus education and previous experiences will.

Do not oversell yourself. Make the interviewer aware in a confident way of your qualifications and the reasons you feel you are the man for the job. Do not ask inane questions or give hazy answers.  One of the most irksome things you can do is to start inquiring about vacations and benefits. Know exactly what the salary you desire. Know what the job will demand for your talents. If possible, come to the interview with a suggested plan of action you would propose to implement should you be employed. Be forthright, do not try and mislead your interviewer. If you were fired from the previous position tell him so and the reason why. If you lie, you will be found out. Never negate a previous employer. Loyalty is valued by all employers.

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