Stay Being Enthusiastic

Listed below are the tips on how to stay enthusiastic.

►Look for the interest and romance in the simplest things about you.

►Enlarge view of your own God Given Capacities.

►Diligently practice eliminating all dull, dead, unhealthy thoughts so that your mind may be freshened up and capable of developing enthusiasm.

►Daily affirm enthusiasm. As you think it, talk it and live it, you will have it.

►Practice daily relaxation to keep your mind and spirit form getting tired. Enthusiasm is a characteristic of the vigorously alert.

►Act enthusiastic, for as you act , you tend to be.

►Allow no sense of guilt to take the luster off your spirit. It’s the greatest of all the causes of ennui.

►Keep the creative channel open to God and yourself, remembering that enthusiasm is “entheos” meaning “God Within”

►Keep spiritually virile and alive.

►Give all you’ve got to life and it will give its greatest gifts to you. I will never grow dull.

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