American Idol Top Five

American Idol is getting really exciting. Only five Idol finalist left and they will be singing “Now and Then” songs this week. Now and Then means each of them will sing two songs, an old and current song. Meaning to say, each of them will have wide array of songs to choose from. They should do all their best to amuse the judges and the voters as well. Only five of them left on the stage so everyone will be eyeing on their performance. I wonder what are they gonna sing this week.

Anyway, my bet here is James Durbin. He consistently giving us wild and amazing performance and it is undoubtedly obvious that this guy can make it to the finals. I think Scotty McCreery is kind overrated by the viewers. He can’t sing nothing but country and he should show some versatility to prove that he can really sing. Lauren Alaina and Haley Reinhart is pretty okay with me and i believe that Jacob Lusk will be sent home this week.

Have a great day guys and happy blogging.

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