5 Tips To Boost Your Immunity During The Holidays

20151125_073059tEver since I was diagnosed with Diabetes two years ago, my life has changed drastically. My first year was the worst part because I had to adjust to so many things. I have to deprive myself from eating the foods I love, I have to refrain myself from doing things I really enjoy. I can say that those were the darkest chapters of my life because I just can’t accept the fact that this is going to be a lifetime illness. I was so grateful that my family was there to comfort me during my darkest hours and I am so blessed to have good friends who lifted me up from such depressing nightmare. I still believe that everything happens for a reason and God has a perfect plan for my life so instead of drowning myself to depression and stress, i decided to surround myself with positive thoughts. Interestingly, having diabetes taught me so many things, things that I never thought I can actually do. I learned how to discipline myself in so many ways and I learned how to establish a healthy lifestyle. I learned how to balance my diet and choose the right food for me to intake. I was able to establish a habit of exercising regularly. It made me realized how important it is to be healthy. Now that Christmas is nearly approaching, it’s going to be another challenge because I have to deal with my number one enemy ~ STRESS. Physical and mental stress can send blood sugar out of whack and so I have to keep it under control. Regardless if you have diabetes or not, stress will bring no good effect to our body at all. Based on my personal experiences, allow me to share you my own tips on how to boost your immunity during the Holidays. I’ll share these tips to you through a simple mnemonic! Just remember these five letters F-E-R-N-C and you’re good to go! ferbff6

Who doesn’t want a stress-free Christmas right? It is really important to stay strong and healthy despite of the holiday stress so here’s my five tips to boost your immunity this Christmas season!
ferbff1Time management is the key to keep yourself away from stress and it is very ideal to plan things ahead. Make your Christmas gift list as early as November so you can check immediately if you missed someone on your list rather than making your list on the spot which can be very stressful. It is also ideal to shop your gifts early than embracing the last minute shopping. Just imagine the overwhelming crowd on shopping malls and stores. The competition over those discounted items was so tight and worst, it can be sold out anytime so you just end up wasting your time and opportunity to grab those gifts. Fix your schedule and everything will fall into place. Of course, you also have to visualize any worst case scenario including those unexpected expenses so if your Plan A didn’t work, there’s always a Plan B to save you.
ferbff2 We are what we eat they say so if you want to stay healthy and strong, then better pick your food wisely. It has been a tradition for Filipino to serve an overwhelming amount of dishes on the table especially during the Christmas Eve. Who doesn’t want that yummy fruit salad or that crispy lechon on the table? Of course they are not considered healthy meals especially if you will take them on a regular basis so Christmas can be a perfect excuse but make sure to take them moderately. It is okay to indulge yourself to those yummy Holiday treats but it is much better not to focus this celebration on food but on  fun instead! After all, if you gained too much weight after the holidays, it would be more stressful! On top of your healthy eating habit, make sure to spend time working out to burn those extra calories!
ferbff3Preparing for Christmas can be very stressful. There were so many things to think of! From Christmas decoration to the foods you want to be served on Christmas Eve. Not to mention the amount of time you need to spend in shopping gifts. Just thinking about it is already stressing and please keep in mind that Physical and mental stress can affect your immune system which makes our body susceptible to illness and disease! The best thing you can do to get rid of it is by doing nothing! Give yourself an ample time to relax. Unwind yourself from stressful work and give yourself a break. Go somewhere else and try to pamper yourself either by visiting a spa or dine in your favorite resto with your friends. Or maybe you can spend quality time with your kids!
ferbff4 Positive thinking! That’s exactly what you need to free yourself from stress. Like what they said, it is Mind over Matter. Overthinking will bring nothing but harm because you will only stress yourself too much. Surround yourself with positive thoughts, listen to relaxing music or read uplifting books! Anxiety, hostility, depression, and other negative state drastically affect our immune system so try to refrain yourself from those thoughts and stay happy all the time! It is also great to surround yourself not just with positive thoughts but with positive people too! ferbff5 A healthy lifestyle is not there by chance! It’s a choice you make! Don’t be like me who realized how important the health is after being ill! You can establish a healthy lifestyle as early as possible and you better teach your kids to do the same too! There are many ways to stay strong and aside from doing the things I mentioned above, it is also important not to forget your vitamins and mineral intake. These are essential nutrients that are body needs. These vitamins have numerous functions to our body to keep us strong and healthy. Vitamin C alone has an overwhelming amount of purpose in our body. Vitamins C or Ascorbic Acid can be found in Vegetables and fruits and if you don’t eat much of these, you might experience Vitamin C deficiency. Fatigue, muscle weakness, joint and muscle aches, bleeding gums, and leg rashes are some of the symptoms of Vitamin C deficiency and it should never be ignored because if your immune system drop, you are now vulnerable to different kind of diseases. 

When I was working in a call center, I used to take Vitamin C on a regular basis. But since I am also acidic, taking such supplement irritates my stomach so I had to stop it until I found FERN-C as recommended by a friend. FERN-C is a Sodium Ascorbate which is an Alkaline-based compare to other leading Vitamin C brands today which are merely Acid Based. It has pH range of 7.5-7.8 protects the mucosal lining of the stomach. It dissolves 5 times faster for quicker absorption and stays from 12 to 14 hours in the body, good enough to neutralize acidity in our body. On top of that, it can be taken in mega those for better result compare to the Ascorbic Acid which cannot be tolerated by our body if we exceed 500mg a day. I’ve been using FERN-C for almost a year now and I saw a lot of improvements on my body.  Aside from boosting our immune system, FERN-C can also protect the body against flu, cough, bronchitis, respiratory problems , viral and bacterial infections; it acts as a natural anesthetic and anti-inflammatory; it helps ease mental stress & protects against stress related disorders; it aids the white blood cells in its ability to fight viruses and the best thing for me is that it reduces insulin requirement of diabetics! Feel free to visit FERN-C Website for more details about these wonder supplement! You can also follow them on their Social media accounts for more updates about their products!

Fern-C Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/fernconline/

Fern-C Twitter: https://twitter.com/FERNCOnline

Fern-C Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ferncofficial/  20151125_074807tThere you go, just remember the five letters from FERN-C to make your Holiday stress-free. Above any material things, Health is the greatest and the only best gift you can offer for yourself this Christmas! Stay healthy everyone!

21 thoughts on “5 Tips To Boost Your Immunity During The Holidays”

  1. small kucing says:

    Thanks for the reminder. Yea…i tend to fall sick during holiday season too

    1. Bluedreamer says:

      thanks Small Kucing… stay healthy ^_^

  2. Jojo Vito says:

    thanx for the tips. I am also diabetic and very careful of my diet….but its Christmas! hahaha

    1. Bluedreamer says:

      thanks Jojo.. didn’t know you’re diabetic too… yes… Christmas is our cheat day LOL…

  3. Fern C is the only Vitamin C that I trust speciallyw hen I am not feeling well. I really like how effective it is and no overdosage. I still have some in my cabinet up to now! 😉


    1. Bluedreamer says:

      Cheers! I agree.. I love the fact that there is no overdosage with Fern-C and it cn be taken even in an empty stomach

  4. Renz says:

    Oh, FERN-C! This is my vitamins every day!

    1. Bluedreamer says:

      Cheers Renz! Same here

  5. Franc Ramon says:

    It’s gonna be a busy month come December. It would be great to load yourself with Vitamin C to boost your immune system.

    1. Bluedreamer says:

      Indeed Franc.. thanks for dropping by

  6. Thanks for sharing your tips in maintaining our health this holiday!

    1. Bluedreamer says:

      you’re welcome Peachy ^_^

  7. Jonathan says:

    Having diabetes is prohibiting but with proper care, you can eat almost everything but having no diabetes is not an excuse too. We all need moderation. I do agree with the stress factor as I am not doing well with my health. Medications are here to relieve but not to cure so I have to practise some of the thoughts you shared. Have a great day!

    1. Bluedreamer says:

      thank you Sir Jo… wishing the best for both of us.. hopefully we can have merry and healthy Christmas this year and years to come

  8. Twilight Man says:

    OMG! You shocked me that you have diabetes at such young age. Worry not, I have heard of people who overcame it and got cured eventually with the right control, diet, exercise and prayers! You can do it boy. Mabuhay!

    1. Bluedreamer says:

      thanks TM ^_^

  9. Lux says:

    Like it because it’s not acidic at all.

    1. Bluedreamer says:

      so true Lux…that’s way I prefer it more than any Vitamin C supplements today

  10. jared's mum says:

    being diagnosed with a disease, especially diabetes, is a life-changing event. But nothing beats discipline + dedication to stick to a healthier lifestyle to beat the illness. and it does pay to take supplements + Vitamins especially this cold holiday season.

    1. Bluedreamer says:

      indeed… thanks for dropping by Jared’s mom

  11. Lovely tips! I like nurturing my mind with beautiful thoughts because everything starts from a thought. ^_^

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