Missing my Job

It’s been a year already since i last work in a call center. I really love the job when it comes to the compensation package but other than that, i find the job nothing but stressing. Could you imagine, i am dealing with irate customers almost everyday. They keep on shouting at me, blaming me about their issues as if the whole world is against me and i am the only one who can resolve their concerns. Aside from it, I am also working in grave shift. This is the main reason why i gave up that job. Maybe because i am not yet prepared for it and i just can’t take all that stress. I’m not wondering why i keep on getting body acne because of this unhealthy working schedule and very demanding job.

But i remember what our trainer said, “Each call should not be taken personally”. We should still empathize with them and understand the root cause in order to resolve their issue. I realized that giving up this job because of those stress only shows my unprofessionalism. I should have take them as a challenge. Anyway, i wish i could work in a call center again. I really miss taking calls and assisting customers.

One thought on “Missing my Job

  • March 5, 2011 at 3:44 pm

    kaya umalis rin amo sa call center dahil parang nanghihina ako. Isipin mo gising ka sa gabi at tulog sa araw, grabe. Ayoko naman yon maging job ko habangbuhay kaya umalis ako agad sa call center, actually 1 call center lang naman ako nagwork ng 2 years. Mahirap magshift ng career pero thank God dahil nagawa ko. Kaya ngayon nasa IT na ko. Goodluck sayo Blue!


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