Saving Time in Your Job

Saving your time in your job is not that stressing as what we think, there are actually some effective ways to do it. Listed below are tips on how to save time in your job.

►Form habits of Doing Jobs at a certain time. You’ll save minutes you would otherwise waste in deciding what to do next. You’ll also get started promptly on jobs you don’t like. Remember that “A Job Begun is a job half done.”

► Change your standards if necessary. Are you standards for some jobs too high? Could children do their job in a fairly satisfactory manner? Can you skip some jobs occasionally, especially when children are small or during busy seasons?

►Choose the best time of the day or the best day of the week to do the job so that interruptions can be kept to a minimum. Don’t interrupt yourself to do something else you’re likely to forget. Jot it down.

►Keep a bulletin board or note pad handy to write down things that must be done.

►Don’t drive so hard one day that you have no energy left for the next. Distribute your work evenly over the week and avoid fatigue.

► Don’t procrastinate. Delays can make some job seems bigger that it really is, and thinking about what you haven’t done steals time from the job you have before you.

Hope these tips above helped you. We should not forced or rush ourselves in our jobs. Yes we have deadlines to meet but it doesn’t mean that we should work that fast without thinking about the quality of our work. Take it Slowly but Surely. Have a great day guys and happy blogging.

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