I’m A Sticky Note Boy!

Yup! I can say that i am such a Sticky Note boy. I used to jot down things that i likely to forget. I used to be that guy who forget things easily that’s why i always bring my organizer with me to jot down reminders, schedules and even birthdays and telephone numbers. I’m not really good at memorization, no wonder why i always get low scores on every exam that require us to memorize. I used to have a bulletin board near my working area to post all my pending assignments and all the things that i have to do on that day. My office mates used to remind me to jot things down too because they know that i tend to forget things easily ahhaa.

I just don’t know if there are therapies or medicine for this. I don’t know if it is considered as a disorder either. They said that this might be a sign that i will suffer from Alzheimer’s Disease in the near future which worries me a lot. They said that i should take foods that can sharpen my memory and take medicine to avoid worst case scenario. What do you think guys? Any advice?

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