Best Chocolate Meal Replacement Shake 2018

Meal replacement shakes are the drinks you can have instead of your meals. For example, you are fed up with shopping and then cooking dishes. You think you have put on several pounds. That is actually when a shake comes in handy. They include a lot of protein, that is why you can be well saturated even at a desert office with no decent cafes around. However, choosing the best shake doesn’t seem to be that easy. There are several things you want to take into account. Taste, for instance, must be super delicious as you would replace whole meals with it. Considering many shake consumers try to drop a bit of weight, manufacturers created the taste they are dreaming about. The chocolate one. That is why today we will try to choose such a shake that tastes better than all the rest. Let us start!
Chocolate meal replacement shake


We tried all of the shakes that will be mentioned here and decided that this one tasted in the best way. This one resembles something between the chocolate ice-cream and the chocolate milkshake. Besides, you have to know that this drink isn’t only the best for its taste. We liked the ingredients much as well. To our surprise we didn’t find any artificial flavors out there that is a very good sigh in the world where organic tendencies rule the world. However, the amount of sugar here is pretty huge. This is, in turn, the reason for such an incredible taste. Still, it is not as huge as in the fruits, therefore, not very harmful.

We recommend this product for the newbies in drinking shakes. As it would be a nice starting point before going into diets.


The reserved and conservative people can try out the Vega One shake. This one in comparison to others in this list has only one chocolate taste. That is why just imagine the taste of the product the manufacturers directed all the forces to create. What is more, this product will satisfy those who prefer the trendy gluten-free diet. Again, this one has only natural sweeteners. The only disadvantage is the amount of the portion. It is too little either to enjoy the taste or to suppress your hunger. We offer to try out taking two portions a time. Oh, you will get the double portion of chocolate!

18 Shake

Now let us talk about the cheapest chocolate shake on the market. This one has a pretty distinctive taste. It is really good as you can mild it up with various types of milk, almond or coconut, and make the drink more diverse. Still, remember to include the calories intake of milk to the one of a drink. This one tops a lot of surveys and reviews, to say nothing about forums. The goal of this drink is to reduce your weight as fast as possible without practically doing anything else. You will see this one is amazing while substituting whole meals. Speaking about the nutritious part of all these shakes, the types of protein are mainly the same here. The winning point of this is literally no sugar. Trust us, having tried this out you will never believe that. At least 3 hours you will not want to eat even the chicken nuggets.

As you see, losing pounds and drinking delicious chocolate is possible. Why don’t you give it a try?

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