What Kind Of Wedding You Would Like To Have?

I’m sure you guys are all aware about the highly anticipating wedding of the royal showbiz couple Marian Rivera and Dingdong Dantes. It just made me realized how much preparation a couple need to get the kind of wedding they desire. Well, of course, i am not putting their wedding as the standard because we all know that they are public figures and it involves grand ceremonies and mostly all of the guests were celebrities and high profile personalities.

But of course, it is a dream wedding for everyone. For an ordinary people like me, I also want to make this event very special. If that perfect time arrives that I will find the right girl to marry, I will definitely exert all the efforts to give her the wedding she would like us to have. Well, hopefully I will have enough budget to shoulder those heavy expenses LOL. I actually have a friend who just got married last month and I heard how costly the event was. From the church down to the reception, they spent over Php300,000 for everything and take note that this is not lavish enough compare to others.

Today, most weddings, regardless of the theme, come with their own gimmicks. Some offers photobooths during the reception for additional entertainment while others provide their guests with relaxing and Instagram-worthy ambiance. Adding giant love letters for wedding will also elevate the atmosphere and will make the venue even more visually appealing.

Most of the contributing items that resulted to such amount includes the wedding gown, the cake, the venue, the souvenirs and also the ring which is one of the most important symbol of any marriage. I went over some online site¬†only to find out that the ring might cost up to more or less $1,000 and that is if you are really into its value. But just like what they always say, it is a once in a life time or if not a very rare opportunity in every couple’s lives and why not make it so special and memorable right? ¬†However, keep in mind that Wedding is not all about how luxurious the celebration is but how the two people binds by stating each other’s vows. So let me ask you, what kind of wedding you want to have in the future?

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