Is Taylor Swift a Country or Pop Singer?

There has been ongoing argument whether Taylor Swift is considered as Country singer or Pop Singer. They said that Taylor started her career as a teen country singer from her small town in Pennsylvania. She began singing country and cross over pop music. Some people are saying that she’s a fake country singer but for me she’s no and the word “fake” would be the last thing I would describe her.  She’s more of a modern country singer for me. Yes, she may not have the most powerful vocal like what most country singers has but she is undeniably amazing song writer. She write true-to-life and down to earth songs which are two of the characteristics of a country song.

She just had a very successful concert here in Manila last night which shows that a lot of people love her. Oh i love her music videos too. There are so much drama on it which reminds me of Dolly Parton but of course, DP is way a lot better than TS.

So how about you, what do you think? Is Taylor Swift a Country or a Pop Singer?

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