Whatta A Process!!!

So I got the message from the HR personnel, inviting me for initial interview and exams for tomorrow. I immediately prepared myself for it. I’m kinda nervous yet pretty exciting because this would be my first job outside Cavite if ever. I picked on the best attire, shined my shoes, prepared my documents and resume, and also got a haircut. I slept early because I was scheduled for a 10 am Interview and knowing that I am not familiar with the place, I had to travel 4 hours ahead of my scheduled time.

And so, I woke up early, took my breakfast right on time (which is kinda rare because i usually take my lunch and breakfast together). I went to the bus terminal exactly 6 am. I am not aware about the time and travel interval from Cavite to Makati. I don’t have my own car so i really have to commute

Good thing we have transit buses here that go directly to Baclaran which is, by far, the nearest location to that company. It took me an hour before reaching Baclaran and I had to ask someone to tell me how to reach the location of that company. They told me to ride another bus going to “LRT/Ayala” and tell the driver to take me to the that building. It took me almost 30 minutes to reach that place though I had a hard time looking for that specific building which took me another 30 minutes before reaching the exact place. And Since i traveled 4 hours ahead of my time, I am 2 hours early on my schedule ^_^.

I sit down at the waiting area along with the other applicants, and then an HR staff came in, called our names one by one. She sent us to a room and distribute the exam papers to us. The room is more like a pantry to me and the HR is so informal not to be so strict to the other applicants. The first exam, to be honest was quite easy since it is more like an exam that requires practical answers. I think it is done to measure how fast we can response on a certain type of situation. Since we will be handling calls, it is very understandable why it is necessary for us to take such exams. The second exam was quite tough because it was related to technical. Some terms are Jargon for me. I know the basics but not everything. I was crossing my fingers that time, hoping to pass the exam.

The results came in, and my heart was jumping out of joy when i heard my name. They asked us to wait at the lobby area and started calling our names one by one.  It’s a one on one interview so we really have to wait. And when a staff called my name, she sent me to a new room which is nicer than the first one. I was introduced to their HR Manager who is also the one who interviewed me. She asked me some basic questions at first and then some tricky ones at the end. I rattled, somehow at the end but I managed to handle myself and answer her questions completely. She told me to expect a call from their HR within a week to notify me if i made it or not. If I made it, they will schedule me for the Final Interview.  I’m not really sure actually and I was planning to apply to another company after that. I was about to leave the building when my phone rang. It’s a call from their HR, asking me to go back, scheduling me for the Final Interview. whoah! That was fast right? Even though I am aware that Call centers usually have one day application process, I’m still quite surprised.

Anyway, 3 of us made it to the Final Interview that day and they give us another location where the Final Interview will be held.  They deployed us to another company and we have to commute again just to reach that place. There, we meet another applicant from another agency, applying for the same position. They sent us to a room and told us to wait. A staff came in calling the first applicant. It took him almost 30 minutes and that’s pretty long for an interview. I was so nervous when he mentioned that we will be interviewed by 3 persons from higher departments. I was the last one to be interviewed and my feet were shaking so bad. I went to the room where I was directed to and I saw them sitting beside a mini conference table. They invited me to come in. They asked me several things, technical and Customer service related questions. Thanks God I am quite familiar with the questions being thrown to me and I think I did pretty well.

I am satisfied with my answers and I hope they do feel the same way. It was 6 pm when they sent me out. They told me that  results will be given to my agency and they agency will inform us whether we passed or not.

I am not familiar with the location so I really have to rush myself and look for a bus or jeepney that will take me to Baclaran again. I had a  very stressful travel that day because the bus suddenly stopped at the middle of the highway. I will post about it in my next entry.

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  • November 12, 2011 at 1:50 pm

    ang galing naman Milton..haha


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