Her Career Path

Two years from now, My sister Mirasol will be graduating from high school and she will soon be heading to college to take the career path that she wanted to achieved. As of now, we do not know what exactly she will be taking on college but i remember she mentioned to me before that she wanted to become a nurse someday. But of course, by two years from now, there is no assurance that she will be sticking to her first choice.  But choosing a health care career is definitely a good choice!  Well first because nurses are highly in demand here and abroad which can give her an opportunity to work in a highly compensated companies. Having a nurse or any medical related profession in your family is such a great help too because you know there is someone to look after you when you’re sick. But in the end of everything, the decision is all to her. It’s her life and we will be supporting her no matter what path she will be taking in the future.

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