Tips on Proper Artificial Respiration Part 2

This is the continuation of my post about Artificial respiration. This info is being share to me by my nurse Auntie Heidi!

Back Pressure-Arm Lift Method.

  1. Position of the subject.  Place the subject on the face down, prone position. Bend his elbow and place the hands one upon the other. Turn his face to one side, placing his cheek upon his hand.
  2. Position of the Operator. Kneel on either the right or the left knee at the head of the subject facing him. Place the knee at the side of the subject’s head close to the forearm. If it is more comfortable, kneel on both knees, one on either side of the subject’s head. Place your hands upon the flat of the subject’s back in such away that the wrists lie just below a line running between the armpits. With the tips of his thumbs just touching, spread fingers downward and outward.
  3. Compression Phase. Rock forward until the arms approximately vertical and allow the weight of the upper part of your body  to exert slow, steady, even pressure downward upon the hands.
  4. Position of the Expansion phase. Release the pressure, avoiding a final thrust, commence to rock slowly , backward. Place your hand upon the subject’s arm. just above his elbow.
  5. Expansion phase. Draw his arms upward and toward you.

Thank you Aunt Heidi for sharing me this information!

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