Anne Curtis And UNICEF Brought The Planet’s Happiest 5K Run In Manila For The Benefit of Disabled Children!

While most people are often complaining about their miserable love life or crying over their financial problems, you should keep in mind that we are lucky enough to experience a normal life without worrying about any illness or disabilities that will make your life even more challenging. Just think of those poor kids with disabilities who at very young age, have to bear with such burden and experience the challenge that life for them has to offer. It is really heartbreaking to see children in such poor situation. It may seem like a very unfair fate for them to suffer at a very young age but I always believe that God has a reason for everything and just because they are disabled doesn’t mean they have no rights to live a normal life like any other kids do.  It is very sad that most of them are being marginalized by the society and most of them are being discriminated because of their disabilities which only affects their social skills but these should never stop them from dreaming and achieving the kind of life they want. There are many successful people in the world which who never take their condition as a hindrance to success. Just look at Stephen Hawking or Helen Keller who were both successful in their respective fields despite their challenging condition. Beethoven for an instance was deaf and Stevie Wonder was blind yet look how they became legends in their field? You see, nothing is really impossible so instead of bringing them down, we should rather encourage these kids and motivate them to continue their passion.

According to UNICEF Philippines, an estimate one out of seven children or around five million are living with disabilities that range from hearing, visual and mobility impairment including those who have development and learning disabilities. Interestingly, to address this situation, UNICEF aims to build four one stop shops throughout the Philippines to provide comprehensive services such as diagnosis , provision of assistive devices , counselling, referral and therapy.


To make this meaningful project possible, Dream Machine ,an organization founded by UNICEF Celebrity Advocate For Children, Anne Curtis Smith came up with a very interesting “run for a cause” campaign that will benefit children with disabilities. Through the actress’ initiative though her Dream Machine foundation and with cooperation with UNICEF lead by UNICEF Country Represenatative Lotta Sylwander and organized by RunRio, they brought the so-called “Happiest 5K On the Planet” which was officially named as the “Color Run Dream”. The event kicked off last Sunday ( September 3) at the SM Mall of Asia Grounds with over 10,000 participants! It was really a great blast and I am so lucky to be part of this meaningful and possibly not just the happiest but the most colorful running event ever!

My Very First Run!

I also like to note that this is my very first run! I always have that eagerness to participate in some running events but never got the time and the courage. I haven’t engage myself in some healthy activities so this could be a start of something new.
The event kicked off around 6 am and we were greeted by an overwhelming crowd. I was really surprised when I saw this huge crowd. Last year, they have gathered around 7,000 runners which focused on children’s health and nutrition. This year, they put children with disabilities as their top priority.
color2When my vlogger friend Jerald Uy invited me to join him in this event, I didn’t hesitate to accept the offer and decided to grabbed the opportunity to experience this run for the very first time! The Color Run Dream is a five kilometer untimed event in which thousands of participants who are being referred as the “Color runners” are doused from head to toe in different colors at each kilometer. Along the 5k color and music filled course, participants can run through  frothy foam and bubble zones.

Yes, I realized that this is not your typical running event because each runner will pass through different stations (one per kilometer). Therefore, there are five different stations and interesting each station corresponds with certain color. This event actually reminds me of the Holi Festival that I have attended early this year except the fact that this is a running event and is not by any means, related to Indian cultural festivals.

Before reaching the first station, Color runners were welcomed by a huge tunnel-like inflatable and they should pass through a line of water sprinklers
20170903_061341ttOkay , I know this is not a competition and everybody is enjoying the run in full extent but it’s funny how each station has become a photo booth haha. I’m guilty lols! (hey, this is my first run remember? So I need to take a lot of memories ~ IG Memories toinks) There goes by first photo!
20170903_061454-01ttThe first station is YELLOW ! You know you are nearly approaching a station  once you encounter a huge inflatable and the powder-filled street. The crews are patiently waiting on the side to douse runners with color powders! The more color, the better!
20170903_063014-01ttThe 2nd Kilometer station was bursting with PINK!
20170903_062952tt The 3rd Kilometer station is filled with PURPLE. I also like to note that each station offers an area where crews are distributing drinking water along with an ambulance just in case someone passed out or in need of medical attention.
20170903_065346-01ttThe fourth station was drenched with BLUE!
20170903_063104tt Already doused with many colors… now let me have a quick selfie  I mean.. a quick break after that long and tiring run.
20170903_070356(0)ttThe last station  is different as it is not filled with colors but a cloud of bubble
20170903_070728ttLaba muna ako bes” haha

The Inspiration

Just few more meters before reaching the finish line, I spotted a group of kids running and participating on their 500M dash but what really took my attention is this kid who is trying his best to catch up with his walking aid. It really broke my heart to see him in such condition but at the same time he gave us all an inspiration that disabilities can never be a burden and won’t stop you from achieving your dreams or making them come true.
Photo Credit to UNICEF PH Facebook Page

Children with disabilities are just like any other children. They want to be seen and heard, to be loved, to go to school and be useful members of society” according to UNICEF Country Representative Lotta Sylwander.  Did you know that the funds that are gathered from this event will be used for the UNICEF campaign to provide services to all children with disability in the country.

20170903_071401tt5k may not be that challenging but for a first time runner like me, it is already a milestone and I think I would love to engage myself in many activities like this!
20170903_071440ttThe Color Run Dream finisher’s medal
20170903_072459ttJust when i thought that the event was over… well, it turned out that we’re just getting started. Color runners were gathered near the main stage for some fun and music activities. Celebrities like Anne Curtis, Erwan Heusaff , Nico Bolzico, Eruption (Eric Tai) and DJ Tom Taus graced the stage!
One of the most notable highlights though is the marriage proposal made by a certain guy named John Paul Buenafe to his long time girlfriend Desiree Tan. They’ve been together for ten years and when the guy pulled out the small box from his pocket and started to kneel down, the crowd starting to shout and cheer waiting for the girl’s sweet approval and guess what, she said YES!

The Color Run by the way is an event that is not just being celebrated here in the country but world wide. It is the largest run series in the world that has brought joy to over 6 million runners worldwide in over 35 countries and this is the first time that the official Color Run landed in Manila through Anne’s Dream Machine foundation.
The Color Run is among the first major projects of the Dream Machine, which is a platform to help dreamers achieve their dream” Anne Curtis
20170903_075009ttErwan Heusaff also participated on the run along with other celebrities like Nico Bolzico and Raymond Guitierez
20170903_074940ttTom Taus made the crowd wild with his exhilarating music!
20170903_075643ttPeople gone wild! It was truly a great blast!
20170903_080634tWith Ms Lotta Sylwander of UNICEF
20170903_085036(0)ttWith Ms Anne Curtis

I really had a great blast not just because it was my first running event but because of the sole purpose of this event. Please be mindful that this is just one of the many ways to help kids who are suffering from disabilities. You actually don’t need to run just to show them what these kids truly needs. A simple smile and encouragement can become a life changer for them and to let them feel that they have value, they are as worthy as everyone. Guide them and make them feel proud!

To support the future projects of Dream Machine and UNICEF, feel free to follow them on their Social Media accounts for more updates:
Dream Machine:
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UNICEF Philippines
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6 thoughts on “Anne Curtis And UNICEF Brought The Planet’s Happiest 5K Run In Manila For The Benefit of Disabled Children!

  • September 6, 2017 at 10:43 am

    Wow! Well done! This looks like alot of fun (even though it’s a run) and for an amazing cause too!

    Great photos filled with so much colour! The image of the disabled boy though really touched my heart. <3

    Keep up the amazing work!

  • September 6, 2017 at 12:14 pm

    I like events like this that help raise awareness and support for children with disabilities. It’s nice to know that many celebrities support these good causes. I’m also happy to see that many people turned out to join this event. But is it safe for those with respiratory issues join this event? Is that powder color being sprayed to the runners?

  • September 6, 2017 at 10:11 pm

    Wow! Ang saya diyan ah! This is the kind of run everyone should take. It helps people raise their awareness about our society in regards to people with disability.

  • September 8, 2017 at 8:26 am

    Itlooks ao fun! I have never participated in color run before but i really wanna try. Im thinking if the color powder is not good for the eyes or for people who have asthma? Anyway it is nice you prticipated here you were able to have a blast while donating to a good cause!!!!

  • September 14, 2017 at 9:07 pm

    I have joined several fun runs here in Cebu, and yes it’s a great feeling that you’re running for a cause. Great to know that the proceeds are going to a great cause. Love the colors on every run and yes, it’s reasonable enough why you took photos on every km. Haha! Love the colors! Congratulations on finishing strong on your first run, I’m sure this won’t be your last. 🙂


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