Hospital Proper Sanitation

Remember my post about the spooky experience I had in the hospital. I was with my Auntie at that time when I felt that horrifying experience. Anyway, this post is nothing to deal with that ghost story but it is related to hospitals. If you’re in a private hospital, you may not experience this thing but if you’re in a public hospital, you’ll definitely feel the same thing I did. What I am talking about here is the hospital’s facilitation and sanitation. It all begins when I visited my friend in a public hospital. This is not a matter of discriminating or bad mouthing public hospitals, in fact, I am so happy that there are public hospitals that offer cheaper bills and medication compare to private hospitals. Actually, most of the public hospitals here in the Philippines are free of service. However, even most of the customers are paying less or sometimes not paying anything to the hospital; it doesn’t that the hospital will not prioritize or at least provide a little effort to improve their facility and sanitary procedures.

If you noticed, every time you will drop by to any public hospitals, there’s always this unwanted smell and odor which are spreading out in the entire area. As a result, you’ll feel dizzy and nausea. Much worst, there’s a big tendency for you to be infected by some viral and airborne diseases. If only all public hospitals follow the standard operating procedure in sanitation. Most Private hospitals make use of hospital disinfectant to avoid any viral diseases. They’re also maintaining proper sanitation like garbage disposal and segregation and more. Most public hospitals are supported by Government so I hope they’re all aware of this.

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