Green Life in Paris (Part 1)

I thought Paris is only known for being such a romantic place because of its famous Eiffel Tower and the cinematic view it could bring. Last night, i opened my YM and i caught my cousin online. He is now residing in Paris with his parents. We’re not actually that close because during our younger years, we always argue in so many things, as if we’re doing some debate. Last night, i didn’t expect that we will have a long argumentation comparing Philippines to Paris. According to him Parisians has greener lifestyle than Filipinos. Unlike before, this argumentation is something with sense. In the end, believe it or not, he won. He told me a lot of good things about Paris and why Paris locals have Green Lifestyle. The term “Green” I’m referring here is something to deal with the nature or environment and not the pervert thing. Now, here’s theĀ  reason why i give up in our discussion. We try to lead a greener lifestyle by making changes and following rules. But in Paris, France, the Parisians naturally live a low-carbon and greener lifestyle. People in Paris eat foods from their own farmlands. This minimize the carbon emission from the transportation as well as the hazard in eating processed foods. The specialties in every region in France are wll known across the globe.

According to my cousin, most of them would rather walk to their destination than ride a vehicle. And if ever they do ride, they usually ride bikes. All kinds of people go to school, work, or anywhere with their bikes. Amazing isn’t. If only us, Filipinos, can change our lifestyle and means of transportation. Bikes in Paris even have their own street lane. many low-cost rental bikes and bicycle stations are scattered through out the city. Not only is it cheap but it is also a faster mode of transportation rather than riding a car in jam-packed street, just like what we have here in Philippines. And definitely, rising a bike is a good exercise as well.

Since we’re talking about transportation, another great thing to know about Parisian lifestyle is that, Parisians have small cars. Compare to our country, where you can see a lot of gigantic air-con buses and mini buses too. The small cars in Paris have a lot of advantages. They can fit on narrow streets and they won’t be hassle to park. It definitely causes less traffic on the road. However, even thoug cars are small they have the same advantages as a normal-sized car. These cars may not be specifically made to operate on alternative energy or fuel but their size contributes to fewer problems on the road.

That’s all for now, i will tell the rest of our discussion and what makes me think that Paris has greener lifestyle thanĀ  ours.

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