Travel Safety Products – Items That Will Help You Travel With Confidence

So, you’ve booked your tickets and you know where you’re going. You have a list of things you want to see and do, and you’ve scoured the internet trying to find the best accommodation for your money and for your comfort. But before you sign off your travel plans and convince yourself that you’ve thought of everything, have you considered what you might need to keep yourself safe overseas?

You wouldn’t be the first traveler who’s gotten into trouble whilst visiting a new city or country. Whether it’s a car accident, an injury at a theme park or you’ve slipped and fallen in the foyer of your hotel, there are some accidents that you can’t always plan for – speak with a PI lawyer with offices in Orlando if you’ve been injured in an accident. But with some additional items in your carry on, you should be able to travel with confidence. Check them out below.

Travel insurance

Yes. It’s dull and boring and if nothing of note occurs then it can be considered a total waste of money. However, having peace of mind that if anything does happen you’re fully covered is certainly worth it. When you take out a policy, ensure that you’re taking out health insurance too, which means you’re not only covered for things like lost luggage and canceled flights but also medical treatments and emergencies.


Your mask and hand sanitizer

Things are a little different these days which means a face mask and a bottle of hand sanitizer are now considered everyday items. If you’re traveling, make sure you have a travel bottle of sanitizer that you can take with you when you’re out and about and another one you can top it up with. Having more than one facemask means you won’t be lumbered with the same sweaty mask that you’ve been wearing whilst traveling all throughout your break.
Washable ones are better for the environment, but make sure you take more than one with you while you wait for the others to dry. You can easily wash your face mask in your bathroom sink with hand soap and hot water.

A money belt (for emergencies)

If you lose your wallet or you have your bag stolen, then having some emergency cash on you will ensure you can get back to your accommodation safely. A simple money belt will keep you looking great and help you keep your emergency money safely tucked away.

A personal alarm

If you’re a female traveler, then a personal alarm could be enough to warn off a potential attacker. You’ll probably never use it, but it can give you peace of mind whilst you explore and immerse yourself in your travels.


If you’re staying in a hostel, never assume that your room or your locker will have a lock. This is why it makes sense to bring your own. They’re also great for attaching to your day bag if you’re particularly worried about pickpockets.

Final thoughts…
Are you ready for your next trip overseas? Hopefully, these travel accessories will give you peace of mind and keep you safe on the road.