How To Avoid Dog Bites

Having a pet dog is nice but at the same time, it’s quite a risk too. We cannot assure that your dog can’t bite you even it’s been with you for quite a long time. Their behavior changes too from time to time depending on the situation. Dealing with stranger dogs is very risky as well. So to avoid Dog bites, I listed some useful tips below to help you.

  • Don’t Pet a Dog immediately. Get acquainted at a distance first.
  • Don’t stare at a dog. Looking him “right in the eye” tends to make him uneasy and, in fact, offers a challenge.
  • For close encounter, don’t make sudden movements. Walk or talk calmly and slowly. Don’t raise your voice too.
  • Don’t touch the dog while he is asleep or unaware of you. He could wake up in a bad mood like many humans.
  • Don’t tease a strange dog. Even if he appears playful, don’t assume that you can scratch him under the chin (it’s too close to his mouth so it’s quite a risk)
  • Don’t bring your head or face near a dog’s under any circumstances.
  • Do approach a dog confidently but cautiously. Some of them have a protective attitude toward their owner or their home.
  • Talk to a dog that approaches you. But don’t shake your fingers at him. It may look like a wiener.
  • Don’t kick or threaten a dog with anything. Most dogs are friendly unless stirred.
  • Finally, if a dog does bite you, find the owner or have someone help you restrain it until it can be determined if the dog has been vaccinated against rabies.

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