Saan Aabot Ang 1K Mo? List of Budget-Friendly Summer Destinations

Summer is officially here and I am pretty sure that you and your friends are planning for an awesome summer vacation. You might consider going to Palawan or you might hit the beautiful beaches of Boracay. If you have ample of free time, you might as well consider visiting Cebu or maybe Davao. These places are absolutely worth visiting but let’s be honest, they are not really budget-friendly. Even though you managed to avail an Airfare promo a year ahead, you still need to shoulder those costly accommodations and tour packages.

Anyway, for a budgetarian like me, i really prefer those places near Manila that are absolutely worth visiting yet budget-friendly. If you are on a tight budget or simply looking for a quick getaway this summer, i listed down some of the ideal tour packages that will give you an awesome summer experience without compromising your budget.

Take note that these are not DIY travel but group tour packages with worth of more or less Php1000. Almost all group tours are accepting Joiners. I will be mentioning some of the travel agencies that I personally tried but please be mindful that this is not a sponsored post and I am not affiliated to any of these companies.

Hanggang Saan Aabot ang Php1k Mo?

How far your Php1k will go?

So how far do you think your 1000 Peso can take you? Here are some places and tour packages you can avail.

Barangay Urbiztondo The Surfing Capital of the North
Photo Credit : AvianQuests.Com

A Day Trip in La Union

La Union is absolutely a great summer destination. Whether you are into surfing, a beach bum or an adventure seeker. A day tour in La Union can cost you around Php900 to Php999. With this package, you will be able to visit the Tangadan Falls (the package is good for swimming , cliff diving and sightseeing and also the Travel guide of 500 is included but if you have extra budget, you can experience riding the raft for 200Php). The package might also include a visit to Bahay na Bato, Macho Temple, Baluarte Watch Tower Pebbles Beach, Urbiztondo Beach, Poro Point Light House. It may also include a visit to the popular Halo-Halo de Iloko, sightseeing and photo ops in Thunderbird resort and also a visit to  Gapuz Grapes Farm.

Extra expenses: (optional)
►budget for your own Lunch and Snacks
►Rafting Php200 (good for 6pax)
►Surfing 400 per hour
►Grape picking – Php250-Php400 per kilo
►Halo-Halo de Iloko- Php150-180

Tour Agencies that Offer La Union Day Tour Packages
Amphitrite Travel and Tours
Mariner’s Tour and Trasport Service
Hitch Travel and Tours
Astrokidd Travel and Tours

Photo Credit Footlocker Wanderer

Exploring Dingalan : Batanes of the East

Dubbed as the Batanes of the East, Dingalan in Aurora is becoming a popular destination for weekend warriors. A day tour in Dingalan often cost Php999 which includes a visit to Dingalan White Beach, the stunning Mt View of the so-called Batanes of the East, the Instagram-worthy Dingalan Lighthouse, Tanawan Falls and Lamao Caves and Rock formations. Some activities you can do during the tour; biking, snorkeling, spelunking and of course swimming. Most of the Dingalan Day tour packages almost cover everything and you only have to prepare extra budget for your lunch and snacks.

Tour Agencies that Offer Dingalan Day Tour Packages
MMC Travel and Tours
Mariner’s Tour and Trasport Service
Jomer Venturesmaxresdefault (1)

Exploring Papaya Island

Unlike other popular beaches in Batangas, the Papaya Island is relatively new. It is safe to say that the islands here are merely unspoiled which makes it a perfect summer getaway. A day might include a minor trek to Kabibinawan Cove where they can get a panoramic view of the place. The Layag-layag beach alone offers a magnificent and absolutely Instagram-worthy atmosphere. Some activities you can do during the tour include island hopping, snorkeling and cliff diving. The package almost covers everything except for the extra budget for your food. Interestingly, some travel agencies will ask for additional fee so they can serve you your lunch and you don’t have to worry about anything other than enjoying your vacation.

Tour Agencies that Offer Papaya Island Tour Packages
Amphitrite Travel and Tours
Jomer Ventures


Cavite-Batangas Escapade

You don’t have to go too far to enjoy your summer vacation. Just few hours from Manila, you can explore all the popular attractions in Cavite and Batangas within a day. Some Travel and Tour agencies are offering this Instagramable 8D1D tour in Cavite and Batangas. 8D1D basically refers to 8 Destinations in 1 Day challenge. Tours often cost Php599 to Php899 per head. Destinations might include any of the following; Fantasy World in Batangas, Villa Jovita, Marian Orchard, Taal Basilica, Taal Heritage Town, SkyRanch in Tagaytay, Calaruega Church, Twin Lakes, Sonya’s Garden, Bulalo Point, Dreamland Arts and Crafts Cafe and more.

Extra expenses: (optional)
►Budget for your own Lunch and Snacks
►Rides in Skyranch
►Other pasalubongs from Gingerbread house

Tour Agencies that Offer Cavite Batangas 8d1d tour Packages
8D1D Tour Challenges
Hitch Travel and Tours
Travel Joiners PH


Hike The Mountains of Batangas

If you are an adventure seeker, you might also consider going for a hike. Considering that Batangas is just few hours from Manila, there are so many agencies or private tours that offer budget-friendly hikes in most mountains in the province. There’s the popular mountains like Mount Maculot, Mount Talamitam, Mount Batulao, Mount Galugod Baboy, Mount Banahaw, Mount Makiling, Mount Manabu, Mt Pinagbanderahan. Tours will either be a Twin hike or a single mountain. All of these are absolutely budget-friendly with rates ranging from Php599 to Php999. Some tours will even offer side trips to falls or a Lomi restaurant nearby.

Tour Agencies that Offer Batangas mountain dayhike Packages
Pobreng Wanderer
C&N Travel and Tours
Pack And Go Travel and Tours


Biyaheng Antipolo

Antipolo is more than just the Pilgrimage capital of the Country. It also offers a lot of other attractions that are absolutely worth-visiting. A Day tour package for Antipolo will range from Php599 to Php799. Much like the 8D1D challenge, most Antipolo Tour will take you to different attractions in one day. The typical Biyaheng Antipolo tour might include the following destinations: Antipolo Cathedral, Hinulugang Taktak Falls, Pinto Art Museum, Casa Santa, Mystery Cave, Cloud 9 Resort, Boso-Boso Church and more. Almost everything is covered by the tour except for your lunch and snacks.

Tour Agencies that Offer Antipolo Day Tour Packages
VAMOS Travel and Tours
Hitch Travel and Tours DIY Tours

Untitled - 1
Photo Credit : The Novice Trekker

Mt Masungki and Nagpatong Rock Formation

If you are up for a thrill, you might consider a day hike at Mt Masungki in Rizal and marvel the amazing Nagpatong Rock Formation. A dayhike tour to Masungki will range from Php799-899 and it might also include a side trip to Tungtong Falls. The highlight of the tour is the Nagpatong Rock Formation where hikers can climb on top and get a 360 view of the mountain range of Masungki. Hiking could be a challenge but absolutely rewarding. The tour often covers everything except the lunch and snacks.

Tour Agencies that Offer Mt Masungki + Nagpatong Rock Dayhike Tour Packages
ROLLEAH Travel and Tours
Adventure Passport


A Day Trip in Tanay

Rizal has so many great attractions to offer and Tanay alone is actually enough to give you an unforgettable adventure. A day tour in Tanay, Rizal will range from Php699 to Php999 per pax. Some of the notable destinations that might be part on the Tour includes the Tanay Church, the Calinawan Cave, Daranak Falls, Batlag Falls and Regina Rica. It may also include a minor hike to the Treasure Mountain where visitors can try their Kawa bath. Another noteworthy destination in Tanay is the Mt Daraitan and Tinipak River. A side trip to the Pillila Windfarm and the Parola can be added on the tour as well.

Extra expenses: (optional)
►Budget for your own Lunch and Snacks
►Batlag Falls Entrance Fee : Php100
►Vest Rental : Php50
►Use of Kawa bath in El Patio Razon – Php300

Tour Agencies that Offer Tanay Day tour Packages
Hitch Travel and Tours
Rhina & Xye Travel and Tours


A Day Tour in Vigan

Well, it seems impossible but believe it or not, many travel and tour agencies today are offering a day tour package in Vigan. The tour will take you to some of the popular attractions in Vigan including the Calle Crisologo and other nearby landmarks like Vigan Catheral, Plaza Salcedo. The tour might also include a visit to Bantay church (and the watch tower)and the Baluarte ni Chavit. If the organizer is generous enough, it might also include a visit to Pagburnayan Pottery. You can also stop by the Quirino Bridge for photo ops. A side trip to La Union Grapes Farm is also possible.

Tour Agencies that Offer Vigan Day tour Packages
Adventurous Soul
Squad Adventure
Hitch Travel and Tours

A Trip to Baguio

Baguio has always been an ideal summer getaway. A day tour in Baguio is a common package offered by most travel and tour companies. The rate will range from Php799 to Php999 depending on the number of places included on the itinerary. There are many attractions in Baguio that are absolutely worth a visit. The tour might include the following: Camp John Hay, Wright Park, The Mansion, Mines View Park, Botanical Garden, Burnham Park, Diplomat Hotel and more. A Side trip to La Trinidad Strawberry Farm and Sto Bosa colorful houses is also possible.

Tour Agencies that Offer Baguio Day Tour Packages
MMC Travel and Tours
Hitch Travel and Tours
Astrokidd Travel and Tours

mt ulap
Photo Credit : Travel Tropa

Hike Mount Ulap in Itogon, Benguet

Sea of Clouds anyone? If you are looking for an escape, a place to unwind, Mount Ulap is definitely the perfect place for you. A Day tour in Mount Ulap will range from Php899 to Php1199. The highlight of the tour is the sea of clouds. A side trip to Baguio is also possible for this tour since the hike last for more or less 3 hours.

Tour Agencies that Offer Mt Ulap Dayhike Packages
MMC Travel and Tours
Jomer Ventures
Laboy Baboy Tours


Bulacan – Tarlac Escapade

If you’re not into hiking nor into beaches, you might consider exploring the provinces of Bulacan and Tarlac in one day. There are travel agencies that offer a day trip to Bulacan and Tarlac which will bring you to some of the famous attractions in the two provinces. The tour rate ranges from Php799 to Php899 which include attractions like Monasterio de Tarlac, the famous Goshen Resort and their replica of Rome Coliseum, the Tarlac Isdaan Restaurant, Capas National Shrine, the Aquino Ancestral house. While Bulacan has the Lourdes Grotto and the korean temple of Saint Kim Taegon. A side trip to Pampanga is also possible with attractions like Dinosaur Island in Clark.

Tour Agencies that Offer Bulacan and Tarlac Daytour Packages
Hitch Travel and Tours
Pat Travel and Tours
Jomer Ventures
Rhina & Xye Travel and Tours

Photo Credit : Quedank

Conquering Mount Mapalad

One of the newest attractions in Rizal is Mount Mapalad. If Treasure Mountain has Kawa Bath, Mount Mapalad is known for its wonderful man-made installations that also serve as view decks. The decks are not just Instagram worthy but will also give a stunning panoramic view of the mountain range of Sierra Madre. The tour is also possible for a twin day hike with Mount Alapaap. There are also nearby caves and waterfalls to explore.

Tour Agencies that Offer Mt Mapalad Dayhike Packages
UNIBERSAL Adventures
Praised Travel and Tours
Photo Credit : Wikipedia

Hundred Islands of Alaminos and Enchanted Cave of Bolinao

If you are up for an island hopping, your 1k budget is definitely enough for an island hopping in Alaminos. A day tour in Hundred Islands will range from Php899 to Php999 per pax (the bigger your group, the greater the discount. The tour might include the seven major islands in Alaminos including Quezon, Pilgrim’s Island, Governor’s Island, Marcos Island, Bat Island and Children Island. A side trip to Bolinao’s Enchanted Cave is also possible.

Tour Agencies that Offer Hundred Island / Bolinao Day Tour Packages
Hitch Travel and Tours
Bolinao and Hundred Island Tours

Five Fingers Cove and Laki Beach in Bataan

How about cove hopping? The day tour rate for Five Fingers Cove and Laki Beach in Bataan is usually ranging from Php1099 and above but if you are lucky enough, you can spot agencies who can give it to you in Php999. Five Fingers is referring to five coves in Mariveles Bataan including the Tinalakan Cove (features 40+ft Cliff Diving spot), Apatot Cove (features a bat cave), Nagbintana (known for its unique rock formation), Talain, Pulong Kawayan. If the organizer is generous enough, they can take you to Panoypoy cove as well. A side trip to Sisiman Bay and Lighthouse is also possible.

Tour Agencies that Offer Five Fingers/ Laki Beach Tour Packages
Clara Galaera Travel and Tours
TJMS Travel and Tours

Author’s Note : If you own a travel and tour agency and if you regularly offer any of the destinations above, feel free to leave a comment so i can add it on my list.

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