The Pros and Cons of Traveling Via Motorcycle/ Is It Ideal in Times of Pandemic?

After our long trip to Laguna last month, I realized the great advantages of traveling by motorcycle, especially now that we are in the midst of a global pandemic. The local travel ban might have been lifted in many areas in the country, travelers are still required to follow certain protocols. Social distancing should still be implemented and the wearing of masks is still required. Now that a new strain of the virus has emerged and is reported to be more contagious, everybody should be cautious all the time. Traveling, on the other hand, should be done with an extra level of precautions especially for those who do not own a car.

Although commuting via public transportation has been the most practical way of traveling for a “budgetarian” like me, it now comes with a very high risk. When we traveled to Laguna from Cavite via motorcycle, I came to realized how advantageous this mode of transportation can be. If you are craving for an adventure yet you do not want to risk yourself by traveling using public transpo, traveling via motorcycle is an ideal solution. It is not a perfect mode to travel and definitely not for everyone but it comes with many surprising benefits that most of you might want to consider. Listed below are some of the Pros and cons of traveling via motorcycle.


Social Distancing – Unlike other vehicles, motorcycles can only accommodate 2 people; the driver and the backrider. Unlike being part of a group tour or traveling via public transportation, social distancing is greatly implemented when you travel via motorcycle. Even if you are traveling along with other groups of riders, physical contact with others are still limited and can easily be avoided. This makes motorcycle touring an ideal way to travel this pandemic. Just be mindful that all tourist destinations in the country are following and implementing the same safety protocols. Wearing face masks is still mandatory.

Less Traffic -One thing we hate about traveling is the amount of time we waste dealing with traffic. It consumes a lot of time and it is nothing more but irritating. The situation is quite different when you travel via motorcycle. When you are traveling via motorcycle, you no longer have to sit behind a sea of cars waiting for the traffic to get moving. Because it doesn’t consume much space, a motorcycle can travel in between cars parked on the highway rather than waiting for their turn to move. Just be careful and never ever consider overtaking as you are just putting yourself at such great risk (also it is a traffic violation).

You Can Control Your Time– I usually travel on a group tour and normally, they strictly follow a certain itinerary. They will give you a very limited time per destination and as a joiner, you should know how to utilize your allotted time and know all the good spots to enjoy your entire trip, otherwise, it will feel like you just wasted the tour. If you travel by motorcycle, however, you can control your time. You can stay in the same area as long as you want without being pressured by others. You can explore all the great spots in that area without rushing yourself at all.

Change of Plans Anytime– Just like what happened in our recent trip to Laguna, traveling by motorcycle allows you to take full control of your overall itinerary. If it is impossible to execute the plan A, you can easily switch to plan B. You can even think of a new plan along the way. If you happen to encounter a new great tourist spot while heading to your next destination, you can always include a new destination on your itinerary.

A Real Adventure– Travelling via motorcycle gives you a real definition of an adventure. Whether you are driving the busy highway or hitting the off-road, you can really taste the real adventure. Not to mention the fact that you can get a nice panoramic view of the place you are traveling, something you can’t do when traveling via four-wheeled vehicles (unless you have a sunroof or something like that)

Budget-Friendly– Motorcycles uses considerably less fuel than a car, especially on longer journeys. Since the gas tank on a motorcycle is smaller, it will also cost less to fill up at the pump and there will be fewer times you find yourself at the gas pump, to begin with. Not to mention that motorcycles only need fewer repairs and maintenance compared to cars.

Worry-less Parking– If you are going to a popular tourist destination, chances are, you will find it hard to find a parking spot especially when it’s the weekend or peak season. You will either need to find a parking space somewhere far away from your actual destination or worse, you have to compromise and cancel your visitation instead. Parking fees are also relatively cheaper for motorcycles than the fees applied for cars.


Pack Light Only – One of the most notable disadvantages when traveling via motorcycle is the very limited cargo capacity. It is important that you travel light and carry fewer items with you. It means that you have to carefully choose the things you want to bring and pick only those that are necessary. In addition to that, you may not have enough room for souvenirs or “pasalubong”., If you insist to carry more cargoes, you might need to be extremely flexible and bear all physical challenges.

Danger Prone– Take note that motorcycles do not come with many safety mechanisms. It doesn’t have doors, it doesn’t come with airbags, or bumpers to protect you from impacts with properties and other vehicles on the road. We almost got involved in an accident when we were driving in Laguna. We had to pass through a very inclined road and we failed to collect enough horsepower to make it through. We ended up stumbling on the ground (just beside a cliff) and we are just lucky enough that it only had a minor impact on us.

Less Comfy– Sitting on a motorcycle for a long period of time takes away the idea of comfortable travel. Unlike cars where you can lean on comfy cushions or enjoy spacious legroom, traveling via motorcycle is the complete opposite. It is literally a “pain in the butt” experience for me. The adventure was undeniably great but I guess it comes with such consequence too.

Prepared for Unwelcoming weather– There is no roof to protect you from any challenging weather. We have experienced it when we went to Laguna in a bad weather. Expect to get wet when it rains unless you are well prepared and brought raincoats with you. The same thing goes when dealing with the scourging heat of the sun, those pesky dust, and muddy terrain.

Physically Challenging– When you travel via motorcycle, you really need to be extremely flexible. Especially if you are the backrider, you need to know how to balance and position yourself at the back so the rider can drive smoothly and safely.

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