A Muddy Trek to A Hidden Hot Spring in Laguna

Just when we thought that visiting the Esmeris Farm in Liliw will be the best highlight of our trip in Laguna, we were caught off guard by this unexpected adventure to a hidden hotspring somewhere in  Calauan. It was an unexpected trip yet a remarkable one. It was our last day in Laguna and we were finally greeted by a great warm weather. We all decided to conclude our trip by going for a nice swim. They told us that there is a nice river somewhere in Bay so we all agreed to visit the said place right after we pack our things.
A beautiful morning indeed.
DSCF5148tAfter a quick visit to Bay Church (Check: Saint Augustine Parish in Bay, Laguna), our team first had a nice heavy breakfast before we packed our things and prepare for another long trip.
DSCF5162tOur original plan is to visit a river somewhere in Puypuy, Bay, Laguna. We were informed that it’s somehow a crystal clear river and definitely an ideal place to swim. However, since it has been raining for the past few days, we were all greeted by an entirely different scenery.
DSCF5160tIt was a long and exhausting ride and yet, as you can see, the river was not in its best condition that time. We had to go back and look for something else. We almost ended up looking for a nearby resort but thankfully someone told us about a hidden hot spring in Calauan, Laguna.
DSCF5168tIt was another long and exhausting ride until we have reached a small barangay, the Sitio Malanday in Perez, Calauan, Laguna. The funny thing here is that our tour guide was not really aware of the place and we had to ask another local to give us the right direction. We have no idea that we had to pass through a very challenging trail. After all the heavy rains from the past few days, the trail became extremely muddy.
DSCF5169tThe site is almost like a huge banana plantation.
Our team had to be extra careful because the trail is becoming more and more slippery as we progress.
DSCF5178tIt was totally unexpected so we did not bring any shoes that are ideal for such challenging muddy trail. Most of us had to go barefoot.
20201130_123558_419tIt might be an exhausting trek for us but definitely a great adventure. We never expected that this trek will took us an hour before reaching our destination.
The challenge is real!
DSCF5182tUnlike other hot springs in Laguna, this one is not really a commercial one. There is no entrance fee or whatsoever. It’s a very unspoiled place and you cannot even spot any house or buildings nearby.
DSCF5187tAs we progress, the path is becoming clearer.
DSCF5189tWe also had to pass through several log bridges.
DSCF5196tPlantitos and Plantitas will surely rejoice because they can spot this kind of plant almost everywhere near the trail haha
Another small footbridge made of bamboo
Finally, after an hour-long muddy trail, we have reached the hidden hot spring and i was really in awe.
DSCF5203tIt was my first ever hot spring. We were greeted by a crystal clear hot spring. This portion of the spring was not that deep (maybe at least 3-4 feet deep) and you can even see the ground clearly.
DSCF5206tUnlike other commercial hot spring or resorts in Laguna, this place was all natural, providing a very serene atmosphere.
DSCF5229tThere were other visitors too when we arrived and we spotted some kids as well.
DSCF5266ttWe later found out that it is called Silva hot spring. Silva, apparently, is a family name who owned the land.
DSCF5242tEnjoying a warm bath
DSCF5249tWe spent merely three hours here before we head back. We were all thinking about passing through the same muddy trail but someone told us that we all took the wrong path.
There was actually a shortcut from our drop off point that will only take 15 to 20 minutes of trekking. The path is already cemented and we just all realized how much time we wasted passing through that long muddy trail.
But then, it was an adventure that all of us will never forget!

Feel free to watch my vlog below

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