The Esmeris Farm in Liliw, Laguna (Daang-Hari Campgrounds)

After a very long hiatus, I finally get the chance to update this blog for a new travel series. It was a tough year for everyone and we are still dealing with the global pandemic, forcing us all to stay at home to prevent the deadly virus from spreading. After several months, the tourism in the country is starting to get back into shape. Travels are now allowed in most parts of the country but everyone is still required to follow health protocols. Everyone is still required to practice social distancing and to wear face masks. Some popular attractions even require tourists to present a medical certificate to prove that they are healthy and the result of their swab tests are negative.

Normally when I travel, i will either join a group tour or use public transportation to reach my destination. This time, however, i had a different and new travel experience. I just joined a motorcycle tour with a group of new friends and the experience was absolutely amazing. I just realized the great advantage of this motorcycle tour especially now that we are on a global crisis and traveling to public places is still at great risk.
Anyway, we had an amazing trip to Laguna. It was almost a 3-hour ride from Cavite to Laguna. It was my first back-ride experience and i would be lying if I said it is not exhausting at all. It was indeed tiring but the experience is really overwhelming and I wouldn’t mind doing it again.  After a long ride, we finally reached Bay, Laguna and this is where we set our campsite. Yes, this is a camping tour and it was another first for me. We set our tents, had our dinner and call it a day.

Our camp site in Bay Laguna

Unfortunately, the weather was not really cooperating with us. It was  a tough night and even tougher the next day. It was raining non-stop and we had no other option but to compromised. We were supposed to visit at least three exciting locations in Laguna but we only ended up visiting one ~ the Esmeris Farm in Liliw.

While most people will hit Laguna for their wonderful hot springs and resorts, Esmeris farm offers a new attraction. It is almost hidden and visitors had to do minor trekking to reach the actual farm. The place is simple yet offers a serene atmosphere, a perfect place to unwind. It offers a lot of small attractions that are surprisingly IG-worthy (if that’s what you are rooting for). There are different variants of swings to try on, glamping tents, horseriding activities, and a stunning overview of Mount Banahaw and Mount San Cristobal protected landscape.

As soon as you arrived in the parking/receiving area, you might have to pay for the parking fee. Currently, they are charging Php20 for motorcycles and Php50 for 4-wheeled vehicles. To reach the Esmeris Farm which is located on top of the hill, you need to walk around 400 meters from the parking area. It requires a very minor trekking and absolutely manageable for everyone.
The start of the trek
DSC_0031tThe trek itself is visually stunning with wild flowers and huge bamboo trees everywhere.
DSC_0040tThe weather was mildly tamed when we get there
DSC_0048tThe path to Esmeris farm surrounded by luscious greens
DSC_0057tA small bamboo bridge on top of a shallow river
Bamboos, bamboos everywhere.
Finally reaching the camp site, the Daanghari Campground
DSC_0086tThe receiving area. Currently, there is an entrance fee of Php50 per head. The place is strictly implementing health protocols in the area. Social distancing is being imposed and your temperature had to be check before entering the premises.
A stress-free zone indeed!
DSC_0071tEvery corner of this place will not just provide you serenity but also a lot of picture-worthy attractions.
For a php50 entrance fee, you will actually get more than what you paid for.
DSC_0083tThere is a canteen near the receiving area that offers different meals and there is also a 3-story cottage nearby to accommodate your group
DSC_0088tYou can also see camping tents and glamping tents in the area. The rate of the tents will range from Php250 to Php2,000 (glamping).
DSC_0110tA different variants of swings is a common sight in the area. You can see them hanging in between two huge coconut trees. There is no additional fees for these attractions! You can freely switch from one swing to another as many times as you want.
There are view decks made from bamboos allowing you to view the stretch of the outskirts of Mounts Banahaw and San Cristobal
One of the farm’s main attractions are the swings near the hill’s slope.
With right angle, your shots in this area can be very deceiving as if you are literally swinging on top of a high ground.
DSC_0178tMy favorite IG-worthy hanging swing chair in Esmeris Farm

Things you should know before going to Esmeris Farm

►The Esmeris Coconut Farm/ Daang-Hari Campgrounds is located at Barangay Ilayang San Roque, Liliw, Laguna
►The site is open daily with Day Tour from 7am to 6pm
►Due to the pandemic, they are not yet accepting Overnight bookings
►There are checkpoints in the place and medical certificate must be presented if you are not a residence of Liliw
►In observance with the current pandemic, the tourist attraction has an age requirement. Only 21-59 years old are allowed.
►The parking fee is Php20 for motorcycles and Php50 for 4 wheeled vehicles.
►There is a 400 meter trail before reaching the campground. Bring water, umbrella if necessary.
►The entrance fee for Daang-Hari Campgrounds is Php50 per head.
►There is a canteen and cottages to dine in
►No fees for the swings and other attractions
►Camping tents will range from Php250 to Php350
►Glampint tents can be rented for Php2,000 (good for 5 pax)
►Horseback riding is Php50 per 30minutes

How to Get to Esmeris Farm

Via Public Transport
►Take a bus bound to Sta. Cruz, Laguna and drop off at the terminal. Ride a jeepney to Liliw, Nagcarlan, and take a tricycle ride to Esmeris Farm.
►You can also take a bus bound to San Pablo (bound for Lucena). Alight at Medical, cross the road and take tricycle going to Town Proper. From there, take a jeepney bound to Liliw (town proper) and take Tricycle to Esmeris Farm.

Also feel free to watch my vlog about Esmeris farm below

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