A Day Trip In Tanay : The Parola

After attending the mass in Tanay Church, we headed to our next destination ~ the well known Parola or lighthouse in a humble barangay of San Isidro in Tanay. There is really nothing much to do in this place other than to marvel the scenic view offered by this lighthouse which provides a picturesque view of Laguna de Bay.IMG_0314tMuch like the lighthouse that we have seen in Sisiman Bay in Mariveles Bataan (Check : A Trip To Mariveles : Sisiman Lighthouse) . This lighthouse or Parola is a fully functional one but is relatively small compare to the one in Bataan.IMG_0324tIMG_0318tThe best time to hit this place is during the sunrise or sunset so you can get that picture-perfect scene. Unfortunately in our case, we arrived there around 9 or 10 am in the morning and we were all welcomed by the scourging heat of the sun.IMG_0330tIMG_0333tThe lighthouse is located just beside the dike and the place is now called as “Teodulo Q Bernados Park”. It is named after Teodulo “Ka Ulo” Q Bernados, Tanay’s former town mayor who served the town 1948 to 1951. The dike and the parola were both built during his leadership.IMG_0336tYou know what I noticed when we visited Tanay? They are really good in promoting all the places that Tanay has to offer. Their tourism marketing is really creative and you can see the unity of each barangay when promoting their town. You can see advertisement everywhere promoting each of the famous destination in Tanay. IMG_0339tYou can also find several eateries and restaurants nearby. This one is located just in front of the Parola. IMG_0342tThe water lilies and the boats near the dike also create a nice scenery near the Lighthouse.IMG_0351tIMG_0369tIMG_0360tIf you are into finshing, then this could be a perfect spot. You might need to bring your best Spinning Reel for better catch or better yet look for more ideal fishing gadgets at Fishing Gadgets Hub.IMG_0347tThis patriotic pedicab can’t go unnoticed as well!IMG_0354tNot too far from the Parola is another monument and a marker that pays tribute to those people who died during the Typhoon Ondoy.

After spending few minutes in Brgy San Isidro and marveling the beauty of the Parola, we headed to our next destination, the Regina RICA!

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