Introducing Veer HOUSE, A New technology That Will Bring Interior Designing And Architectural Planning To A New Level!

Have you been to Blogapalooza this year? It was a blast for me and I bet you guys felt the same way! It was such a great experience interacting with fellow bloggers and of course, with the brands. Of all the booths from the recently concluded Blogapalooza, one of them that really took my attention is the so called “House” by Reality+ and Veer Technology and I was grateful enough to try this amazing software that will surely take architectural planning and interior designing into an all new level!

With the kind of technology the we have today that is rapidly evolving, companies are starting to find ways to embrace these innovative changes and apply such advancement into their business. Those who went to Blogapalooza and tried Veer House have witnessed how this so-called virtual reality can transform interior designing to an all new level.IMG_0102tCompany’s History
Veer Technologies is a young tech startup that focuses on building software for Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality to be used in various fields. It was founded last May 2016 and has already closed deals with a handful of big corporations for marketing projects and game licensing. Under Veer is Reality+ , a consumer brand focused that dreams of allowing everyone to experience beyond the real world through games and leisure. Aside from entertainment, Veer is currently working on House, a platform for interior design and architectural planning
IMG_0109tWhenever we are talking about Virtual Reality, the first thing that will come to our mind is gaming. There are so many games today especially those that are played using high-end gaming platforms adapted such technology to provide gamers a highly realistic gaming experience.  Veer Technology and Reality+ just proved that Virtual Reality technology is not just for gaming anymore as they managed to utilize such system and let it be used in a more professional level.


Veer House uses HTC Vive device which provides user a first person perspective. They can start designing layouts from scratch by dragging and dropping items and arrange them according to the user’s preferences.

Here’s what CEO and Co-Founder of Reality+ , Mr Charles Justin Lim, has to say about their new product “HOUSE” and what inspires them to create such:
Our latest piece of software is named House. It allows users to create their living space from nothing by adding in walls, furniture, appliances, tiling, and decorations, and see them change in real-time virtual reality, enabling users to envision their dream house as if they were actually there. We want to help architects and interior designers add even more value to their clients because viewing room plans and designs on a 2D surface such as screens or pieces of paper is very limited, and through virtual reality, they can stop imagining and start living.IMG_0118t
Details about the devices
We use the HTC Vive because it is the highest end VR solution available in the market now and is very useful for interactive and immersive experiences.


Here’s what a user can see through the HTC Vive. Those ready-made furniture on the side can be picked up and dropped in the given platform. It actually reminds me of SIMS but presented in a different scale.

Info about the program’s future developments:
We are looking for interior designers and architects that can partner and help us by actually using it and giving us vital feedback. We are constantly adding features to help our partners create more value for their clients. The product is already available to be used. If you would like to be a partner on this platform, please contact to get started.” ~ Charles Justin Lim (CEO and Co-Founder of Reality +)

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19 thoughts on “Introducing Veer HOUSE, A New technology That Will Bring Interior Designing And Architectural Planning To A New Level!”

  1. ROBERT LEE says:

    Alam mo, before you were born siguro, there is this company that created a storm. Creative Labs. It was a time when computer sounds were simply a piece of speaker. Pero Creative Labs made a sound card that can be attached to stereo speakers.

    Anyway, when the PC was first introduced, I think circa 1984… the prediction was it would be for business. No, PC sales was strong because of gamers.

    When they created graphics cards, for business daw, pero gamers ang unang nanginabang. The same thing happened with sound cards.

    Anyway, nauna sa gaming before na adapt sa business.

    So same thing na rin siguro with VR, kasi tama ka, gaming ang alam natin pero now it can be used for business.

  2. Jojo Vito says:

    Wow. It’s very unfortunate that I didn’t try this during the Blogapalooza. I am quite interested on this as home styling has been part of our business.

  3. Via Bella says:

    This is really cool. I am honestly scared a little bit by the growing technology a little bit but I am way more wildly inspired. How cool is this? Thanks for sharing.

  4. Wow! To be honest I’ve only seen this sort of thing used for gaming. But now that I see it used in another field, I can definitely see how this can be utilized in other fields. It would kind of be like a personal experience and there is nothing like experiencing something firsthand!

  5. This is awesome! I just wonder if its comfortable to use or wear for longer periods.

    I would love to try this first-hand. I hope they do a pop-up here in Bacolod. I would love to use this for gaming. 🙂

  6. Johna says:

    Omgsh!! How cool. I’ve never heard or seen this before hehe. Would love to try it or maybe see a demo ???

  7. KT Nielsen says:

    I’ve never tried using a VR much less a gadget that deals with architecture and interior designing. I’ve tried the normal software and used it to plan the layout of our future house. It’s really amazing though when technology is used to improve how things are done. It just leaves me awe-inspired most days. Would you know how much this costs?

  8. It is something that I have only previously witnessed in gaming but it makes sense that they are now branching out into other fields. What a great concept!

  9. Too bad I didnt drop by to try it out during Blogapalooza. It seems cool. They are right to use virtual reality in transcending how it is commonly used. I hope not only architects and interior designers get to use it. I think it’s pretty useful too for average people. They can easily visualize the set up of their rooms similar to a “Sims” PC game.

  10. Stargazer says:

    I have never been to any Blogapalooza events. 🙁 But I keep on hoping that I can take part to at least one. I think that the technology you tried is very cool. I hope that it will be used to greatly benefit our country in the future.

  11. Jenny says:

    Gotta love technology, right? I will not say that Veer house is cool until I tried it myself 🙂 But I like that people are working on new or improved tech stuff all the time, once in a while people break through and we all stand there amazed, it’s interesting!

  12. I missed the Blogapalooza this year but i was present last year. They got the same thing but it was the box like thing. I think this is synonymous to VR which my son was dying to have! Pretty cool though im still having second thoughts if il get one for him.. gadgets nowadays are just amazing!

  13. WOW! This HVR product is super cool and clever. Love the idea of this virtual reality tool helping to create new and exciting spaces in interior design.

  14. Nazma Iqbal says:

    Wow this is so cool.I have never heard about this . Its a very inovative product and idea

  15. Fatima A. (@Blogsbyfa) says:

    Oh my God! That sounds amazing. I had never heard about this earlier but it does look promising.

    Fatima |

  16. Ok now I’m impressed. It’s like the sims! Haha I’m a huge fan of that game so maybe if I try this mag eenjoy ako tho I know it’s for business. Ang galing how thought about tje concept, everything is innovating.

  17. This is so intriguing! I am not creative at all but this still managed to pique my interest. Seems like VR technology is taking this world by storm! This makes me so excited about the future of VR!

  18. Tiina A says:

    Wow, that’s amazing! I’m working on that field so need to keep my eyes open and hopefully check that out soon. Sounds very interesting!

  19. Chardy says:

    Omg! I was also there and I also hot the chance to try this one. It was amazing and fun. Not only was I able to really see the items and elements, I was also experiencing it’s realness.

    I’m definitely sure that this going to be huge in the future.

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