The Best Backpack Features for Commuters

If you are a regular commuter or someone who uses public transport to get to school, you need to know what features your backpack should have for maximum convenience and minimum back pain. You will seldom find a fellow commuter with a briefcase anymore. Backpacks have taken over as the must-have baggage accessory in the 21st century.
Me and my travel backpack during my trip to Panoypoy Cove

The needs of a commuter are a little different than those of a section hiker or international traveler. If an outdoors hiker is looking for gear, they will need to prioritize needs such as weight and weather-proofing over anything else. Getting from A to B as a commuter requires another set of requirements.

Backpacks for Bike Commuting

It has never been more important to go green and cycle to work. If that is your goal in 2019, and you are lucky enough to have designated cycle paths where you live, then you need a cycle-friendly backpack. It is a vital component of bicycle safety and convenience.

Your backpack needs to be able to hold everything you need for that day, such as a change of clothes and all your devices. It should also make it easy for you to access items as you need them throughout the day. It needs to be as weatherproof as the clothes you wear and resistant against chafing.

The style you choose should be personal to you, and you could also decide to opt for a messenger bag. Backpacks ideal for biking will be ergonomically designed specifically for this, so pay attention to the product descriptions when you buy one online.

Backpacks for Train Commuters

The best backpack for anyone needs to hit the subway or commuter train every day is an anti-theft backpack. The designers who developed these bags made it their mission to thwart any thief who thinks about slashing the back of your bag to get at the contents inside or scanning your credit cards from outside.

These bags are designed to look like any other backpack out there. The difference is that besides including crush resistant pockets for your devices, and theft-proof zips, they have also provided weatherproof, slash resistant straps, RFID blocking pockets, and security locks.

You can even choose an anti-theft backpack that has a USB charger integrated into the design—this is the backpack of the future. If you need further help and ideas before you commit to a purchase, Backpacks Global have you covered.

Backpacks for Bad Weather

Although every backpack is designed to withstand a certain amount of bad weather if you want something genuinely impregnable you should choose one with completely waterproof materials, stitching, and zippers. These are the weakest points in an ordinary backpack which could lead to a disaster if you are caught in a rainstorm when there is nowhere to shelter.

Make sure that as a commuter you are prepared for any eventuality and you’ve tailored your choice to your situation. Buy a backpack perfect for you.

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